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Dallmeier video surveillance system at Nestlé factories in Russia

German company Dallmeier was chosen as a principal supplier of video surveillance systems for “Nestlé Russia” for newly built factories as well as an update for old installations at factories which have been in operation for many years.

Apart from the head office in Moscow, the plants at Perm, Samara, Timoshevsk, Vorsino, Jukovskiy and Vologda as well as the distribution centre in Kinel are now equipped with modern video security technology “made in Germany”. Such attributes of German-made equipment as reliability and quality decisively influenced the decision to use Dallmeier products.

Suitable technology for each factory
Despite the fact that the quality and reliability demands were the same at each factory, the requirements for the individual video security systems differed in a number of ways. Therefore, for every factory, an adapted and best suitable solution was developed. At some sites already existing analogue video surveillance cameras were integrated into the state-of-the-art, modern Dallmeier system – which allowed Nestlé Russia to save costs.

Increased security and efficiency
The installation of a state-of-the-art Dallmeier video surveillance system at the Nestlé factories allows to ensure the safety of factory personnel, to protect the factories and their facilities against unauthorised access and to reduce the costs of physical security measures. Furthermore the video surveillance system always reliably alerts if there is a stoppage in production.


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Dallmeier Video Surveillance System Nestlé Russia