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Dallmeier Systems for use at Sparkassen branches

Dallmeier recorders are ideal for use at Sparkassen branches – this was once again communicated to the Regensburg-based manufacturer by Finanz Informatik.

Finanz Informatik is the IT service provider for Sparkassen Finanzgruppe and one of Europe’s largest IT service providers for banks. Its customers include more than 400 Sparkassen branches, as well as Landesbanken (federal state banks), Landesbausparkassen (regional building societies) and other companies from the financial sector. Finanz Informatik’s portfolio spans the entire IT spectrum – from developing and providing IT applications, networks and technical infrastructure to running computing centres, as well as consulting, training and support. Video surveillance also plays an important part for this. Only products that are recommended by Finanz Informatik may be used at the individual Sparkassen branches.

As part of “ready for SYS Watch” certification, which is performed by Finanz Informatik, the supplier has to prove that the desired surveillance works. Dallmeier recorders were already awarded this certificate in 2007 and were integrated into SYS Watch surveillance. This means more specifically that with SYS Watch, notifications from Dallmeier systems, such as alarms messages, housekeeping and sabotage reports or error reports in the case of camera and hard disk failure can be further processed easily and seamlessly.

In addition to this certification, Finanz Informatik offers a service for measuring network load. With this measurement, the necessary communication relationship and corresponding network bandwidth of the video solution can be determined within the network architecture of Finanz Informatik.

“Both SYS Watch certification and the service for measuring network load have already been performed successfully with your products. This certifies your products”, Finanz Informatik confirmed in July 2011 in a letter to Dieter Dallmeier, CEO of Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG.

Dallmeier commented, “This demonstrates that Dallmeier video surveillance systems meet the high security standards of Finanz Informatik and the requirements for use at Sparkassen branches.” 

Important: The migration of SI (Sparkassen Informatik) to FI (Finanz Informatik) does not affect already issued SI certificates. The SI certificates will not be replaced and continue to be valid!

Dallmeier Recorder received the SYS-Watch certification by Finanz Informatik. The video surveillance systems meet the high security standards and requirements for use at Sparkassen branches.