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Dallmeier is one of the world's leading providers of network-based video security systems and has been developing and manufacturing high-quality complete solutions for the CCTV / IP sector for 35 years.

With Panomera, IP cameras, recording servers, intelligent video analysis and software, Dallmeier offers complete systems and high-quality individual components that can be easily integrated into third-party systems through open interfaces (such as REST and Onvif).

Dallmeier Vietnam opened in October 2017 with the mission to provide software solutions, development, and support services to the Dallmeier group:

  • Integrated security management
  • Physical security and building management
  • Geo and map services
  • UI development and visualisation in HTML and Unity*
  • Web and mobile video solutions (iOS, Android)
  • Highly available and scalable server solutions
  • Support for tenders, technical consulting
  • 3rd level support

The development studio is located on the coast in central Vietnam, in Da Nang: the third largest city in Vietnam. The sandy beaches, surrounding natural and man-made wonders, and the vibrant nightlife made it the ideal location. Here, we are sourcing a new team for software development in order to drive further innovation with young and talented developers.

Our focus is on development work, but we are happy to accept any project inquiries and the processing thereof. We will also provide software solutions, albeit without a fully equipped showroom.

7th floor, Thanh Quan building,
132-136 Le Dinh Ly,
Vinh Trung ward,
Thanh Khe district,
Danang city,

Tel : +84 982 777 242

General Director:

Dr. Martin Theis

Project Manager:

Dat Pham

Development process

We run our development through three independent and agile teams, who use the the scrum methodology to organise their work. The committed code triggers the automated build pipeline, which is our foundation of the CI/CD process, and allows us to live an Agile culture.

The backlog is filled with the end customer requirements, derived from their specifications. We are directly involved in the customer projects, to which we also contribute at the planning and proposal stage, providing our deep understanding of the application and business processes of our customers.


We are leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, and focus on creating innovative solutions, instead of reinventing the wheel. Our applications are orchestrated in a service oriented architecture, and are truly cross-platform.

Our continous integration pipeline automatically builds and deploys the applications as Docker containers, using Kubernetes as a platform, to launch, and orchestrate the container swarm.

Our backend application offers micro services, with RESTful interfaces, which are accessed by various frontend technologies. We are convinced that our web interfaces, programmed in Angular, offer the most responsive user expierience.

On the other hand, we also leverage powerful features for our 3D map system, the Unity* software offers.

Human Ressources

We are always searching for talented, and / or experienced persons, who want to contribute to our success, and our mission. 

Why would you want to join us?

  • You can use the latest technology to work on innovation
  • English lessons are provided twice a week
  • You will not work for an outsourcing company, but you will develop solutions for the end customer
  • You will get the chance to learn and improve your skills
  • You will work in a friendly environment 

What do we expect?

  • Your absolute willingness to learn and improve
  • Your readiness to share knowledge
  • Your openness to admit mistakes, and to seek advice
  • Your endurance and stamina
  • Some technical skills would be nice too… 


  • 13th month salary and flexible working hours (up to two hours)
  • English lessons by native speakers
  • Premium health insurance and life insurance
  • 15 days annual leave; three days sick leave
  • Birthday gift and party; Company outing
  • Kindergarten support

Open positions





Work environment

Our offices were designed by the staff, to allow each team to cooperate effectively and also avoids being a cube-farm. Our small pantry is sufficient to snack, keep hydrated throughout the day and to host any celebrations.

Dallmeier Vietnam provides all the hardware, software and equipment that is necessary for efficient working. We believe, only with the right tools, a job can be done properly.

Vietnamese Woman’s Day

The thankful gifts for our cool ladies.

Company Trip 2018

The trip took place in Taipei and Taichung City, Taiwan. We had a great time together as a family, especially at the Gala Dinner.

Christmas Party 2018

A warming and memorisable party.

Santa Claus has come to our office and brought so many gifts for us.

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