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You would like to make a donation and receive a Dally or a Dallina?

We would be delighted if you would make donation of at least 10 Euros to one of the following organisations.

Or you can make a donation to a charitable organisation of your choice (e.g. Chernobyl-Aid, local animal rescue centre, etc.).

Just fill in the form below and you will receive your personal Dally or Dallina within the next days (you do not need to provide a donation receipt. We trust in your sincerity).

We take the protection of your data very seriously. The data you enter will only be used for  shipment of the ordered Dally or Dallina. By entering your personal data you consent to their storage and use for the corresponding procedures.

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Donation campaign

Dally und Dallina
The two black panthers Dally und Dallina, the Dallmeier mascots


We are Dally and Dallina, Dallmeier's little panthers!

We were born in Germany and are already well-used to being with people. We are easy to look after, house-trained and well-behaved with small children. And we could be your very own special friend!

But the great thing is that you can't buy us anywhere. There are only two ways you can get us: either a Dallmeier employee gives us to you as a present, or you make a donation to a good cause and you receive one of us as a little 'thank-you'.

On the left you will find a few suggestions where you can give donations. Then you just have to say where we should come. That's all. - Only a few mouse clicks and we are on our way to you. And then...

Cuddle us!!

Dally and Dallina

The black Dallmeier panther named Dally with his blue eyes