Dallmeier Logo

Usage of Dallmeier logos and trademarks

Use of Dallmeier trademarks by third parties

Business partners of Dallmeier as well as media (newspapers, trade journals, etc.) may use Dallmeier trademarks (overview), for example to illustrate the compatibility with products or applications, to indicate a cooperation or to guide the reader, provided that the aforementioned guidelines are adhered to. 

1) Correct spelling
In principle, it should be worked towards ensuring the correct spelling and display of trademarks when they are used. A shortened or modified depiction requires a permission by Dallmeier electronic. The use of variations that may lead to ambiguity errors is not permissible. 

2) Designation of Dallmeier trademarks
Where they are most distinctly marked, Dallmeier trademarks must be designated by the registered sign ®. This applies to products, packaging, manuals, advertisements, promotional material, online presences as well as headlines and such. Thereby it is sufficient to insert the registered sign ® in continuous texts or the main text at the point where the Dallmeier trademark is first mentioned. The indication of proprietary rights must be inserted at the end of the first page of a document and on the inside front cover of manuals and related publications and must adhere to the following structure:

“[Name of the trademark(s)] is/are (a) trademark(s) or registered trademark(s) of Dallmeier electronic". 

The ® sign as well as the addendum indication of proprietary rights need to be positioned so that the reader can easily and effortlessly take notice of them. 

3) Distinction between Dallmeier trademarks and products of the partner
When using Dallmeier product names in order to illustrate product compatibility, a clear distinction must be made between the products and services of the partner and the products and services of Dallmeier electronic.

Examples of correct indications:
[Name of third-party product] for use with recorders by Dallmeier electronic. 
[Name of third-party product] compatible with recording devices by Dallmeier electronic. 

If, instead of the company name, product names which have been registered by Dallmeier electronic are used, a registered sign ® as well as an indication of the proprietary rights must be inserted after the designation.

4) Incorporation of Dallmeier trademarks into names of products
The incorporation of Dallmeier trademarks or the company name into the names of products or domains or into an external company's name is only permissible if a written authorisation by Dallmeier has been obtained. 

5) Correct style
In the case that the business partner wants to use trademarks by Dallmeier electronic in headlines or on packaging in order to indicate the compatibility of its products, the style of the depiction must be such that there is no danger of ambiguity errors. Also, the phrasing must not give reason to assume that a connection with Dallmeier electronic exists. In those cases, any Dallmeier related depiction must be clearly smaller than the name of the third-party product. This applies to packaging labels as well as marketing materials and other publications. In those cases the company name of the business partner must be more distinctly highlighted than the trademarks by Dallmeier electronic with regard to all materials, products, packaging, advertisements, online presences and other promotional material.