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Infrastructure and cost savings

Infrastructure and cost savings
Panomera® is the most cost-efficient solution available!

With the multifocal sensor system Panomera®, a huge area can be surveyed from a single location highly efficiently, so one single installation point is all you need. Not only does this mean that this solution is extremely cost-effective since huge savings can be achieved both in the number of required cameras and especially in the necessary infrastructure such as masts, cables, etc. It also means that solid solutions can be found with this technology for projects that could not previously be implemented at all.

The multifocal sensor technology here opens up a huge market for planners and builders. An estimated 30 to 40% of all projects have not been put into reality to date, since conventional technology did not offer any fitting solutions for comprehensive surveillance of large areas or distances, for instance due to the necessary number of cameras or the infrastructure. And this is precisely where the multifocal sensor technology comes in.

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