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SeMSy® III Professional Package

Main Features

  • SeMSy® III Setup, Main, Archive and PGuard7 Server
  • Installation on Dedicated Hardware
  • Server Licenses for 500 Channels
  • Server Licences for 20 Workstations
  • One Workstation Software with 16 Modules included

SeMSy® III is a high-performance and future-proof video management system with optimum user friendliness. It offers a comprehensive range of functions, including the display of live images, various search options within the footage, the control of PTZ cameras and an easy archiving of relevant sequences.

The SeMSy® III Professional Package includes server licenses for 500 channels and 20 simultaneously running workstations. The fundamental SeMSy® III Server Software (Setup, Main, Archive, PGuard 7) is already integrated as well as one version of the SeMSy® III Workstation Software with the following modules:

  • SeMSy® III Navigator
  • SeMSy® III Mainviewer and SmartFinder
  • SeMSy® III Camera Control
  • SeMSy® III Archive Client
  • SeMSy® III Camera Filter
  • SeMSy® III PRemote
  • SeMSy® III Panomera®
  • SeMSy® III Logbook
  • SeMSy® III Monitorwall
  • SeMSy® III Salvos
  • SeMSy® III Bookmarks
  • SeMSy® III Rights Management
  • SeMSy® III Hotkeys
  • SeMSy® III PGuard
  • SeMSy® III Sequencer
  • SeMSy® III Camera History

The SeMSy® III Professional Package is a distributed installation of the video management system on dedicated servers and workstations. It is dimensioned for video surveillance sites in stadiums, shopping malls, convention centres or mining compounds. The video management system can be scaled1) by integrating additional channel and workstation licenses and adapted regarding the functional range as well.

The SeMSy® management system is designed as an open platform for the integration of 3rd party systems. In connection with Dallmeier recording systems 3rd party network cameras compliant with the ONVIF standard can be integrated into the video surveillance installation In addition, the optional SeMSy® III Interface Server Software provides a standardized interface for data exchange with 3rd party POS, access controls or dealing shoes.

1) A SeMSy® III Main Server is designed for the management of 1500 analog or 750 IP-based channels. It can be cascaded by integrating additional servers and licenses for an unlimited number of channels.
  • Operation via drag & drop
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Individually adjustable user interface
  • Storage of adjusted user interfaces
  • Display of alarm messages
  • PTZ control via GUI or optional VMC-1
  • Evaluation via GUI or optional VMC-1
  • Diverse search functions including SmartFinder
  • Scalable without limits
  • Integration of third-party systems