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Dallmeier Network Interface (DNI)

Dallmeier Network Interface

For the connection of different external devices or systems (e.g. ATMs, PTZ cameras, cash registers or card readers), Dallmeier specifically developed the DNI (Dallmeier Network Interface). The DNI allows the data from the external device to be included in the video image or can control external devices.

The DNI serves as a data interface and receives data from an external device. The DNI can be used for any system because the protocol can been adjusted to any manufacturer.

What does adjusting the manufacturer protocol mean? The DNI acts as a translator between the two devices. Before it can be used, it needs to know how the data is to be converted. This is defined in a so-called protocol, which is a kind of text file that says which incoming data set is to trigger a transmission of which data set on the other side. So, the DNI is a kind of “dictionary” that translates the different languages of the two systems.

The DNI can be used for any system once the corresponding protocol of the manufacturer has been adjusted. Adjusted means that the protocol file is supplemented so that the DNI translates correctly for our recorders.

This means that once a protocol for a specific device/manufacturer is written then the DNI can be used to interface that device to any Dallmeier recorder.