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Highlight: SmartFinder

In view of the huge quantities of data created by surveillance recording nowadays, the search for relevant image sequences frequently turns out to be a lengthy and laborious process. Dallmeier has tackled the issue and developed SmartFinder - a system for the intelligent search for movement within a picture. The system allows for a fast and efficient evaluation of the recorded data in any area of the picture. 

SmartFinder offers an easy and straightforward way to search for data. Using the mouse the operator drags a rectangle into the picture, thereby marking the area of motion detection. A practical example: An object is removed from a spacious foyer. Instead of laboriously scanning the entire image material, the relevant sequences can be found within seconds using SmartFinder – even over extended periods. Initial results can even be viewed while the system is still scanning for the data. 

Mode of operation
SmartFinder works on the principle of intelligent variation detection. As soon as any motion is detected, its spatial position in the video picture is stored in a database as an event. In the event of a search using SmartFinder, the saved positional data is compared to the search criteria and any movement will be indicated, provided that the SmartFinder was active at the time of recording. 

The image analysis is carried out at the time of recording. Therefore, an entry into the database is only made if a movement actually takes place. Constant movement such as branches swaying in the wind will be filtered out automatically with the major advantage being the significant reduction in the amount of data to be searched. The detection of relevant sequences is carried out much more quickly and efficiently than it would be using conventional search tools, which always scan the entire image material.

In contrast with basic video motion detection recording that reacts to any variation in the picture, SmartFinder has the advantage that the user is able to define the areas in which motion is to be detected.