Teknoloji Ortakları

Her işletmenin bir video sistemi için farklı gereksinimleri vardır. Video yönetimi, analitik, izinsiz giriş tespiti, erişim kontrolü veya diğer tamamlayıcı teknolojiler gibi üçüncü taraf sistemlerin entegrasyonları: Teknoloji ortaklıklarımız, Dallmeier kameralarını, kayıt sistemlerini ve yazılımlarını hedefleriniz için en iyi şekilde kullanabilmenizi sağlar - sektördeki en iyilerle.

Bir güç kaynağı ünitesi, anahtar, monitör veya yazılım olup olmadığına bakılmaksızın: listelenen tüm teknoloji ortaklarının çözümleri Dallmeier ürünleriyle tamamen entegre edilmiş, test edilmiş veya onaylanmıştır.

Teknoloji ortağı olmak ister misiniz?

Stratejik İşbirlikleri Ekibimizle şu adresten iletişime geçin: partner@dallmeier.com

Teknoloji İş Ortağı Ağı

Yönetim Yazılımı

Dallmeier kayıt cihazları, bir API entegrasyonu aracılığıyla Advancis tarafından WinGuard'a entegre edilmiştir. Bu, dünyanın en yaygın PSIM yazılım platformlarından birinde Dallmeier kameralarının tamamen kapsamlı bir şekilde kullanılmasını sağlar.


Monitörler ve Ekranlar

AG Neovo'nun profesyonel monitörleri ve ekranları, optimum görüntü gösterimine sahip sağlam tasarımların video güvenlik sistemlerinde kullanım için mükemmel bir şekilde tasarlandığını düzenli olarak kanıtlamaktadır. Dallmeier kameraları AG Neovo sistemleri ile tamamen uyumludur.



Allied Telesis switches are designed to make networks more reliable and secure. Dallmeier Panomera® and Domera® cameras can be used with certain Allied Telesis switches to meet all customer requirements.

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Dallmeier Panomera cameras of the W and S series as well as our single-sensor cameras are integrated in Arteco OMNIA.
OMNIA users can utilise the full image quality for optimal data analysis and an increase in overall security.



Barox switches have been developed for video transmission and have proven themselves there for years. Dallmeier Domera® and Panomera® cameras can be used with various barox switches.

Learn more: Dallmeier Whitelist Switch


Video Analytics

Events from BriefCam can be received in the Hemisphere® interface and converted into alarms in the Dallmeier SeMSy® VMS. Additionally, video from Dallmeier recording devices can analyzed within the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform.



Broadcom offers a broad portfolio of switches with very high performance, versatile application options and high flexibility. Dallmeier's Domera® and Panomera® products have been tested and proven in conjunction with various Broadcom switches.

Learn more: Dallmeier Whitelist Switch


Servers and Storage

Boston IT's high-performance server and storage solutions can be tailored to each customer's needs, helping to create an ideal solution. Dallmeier has relied on the expertise and quality of Boston IT for many years.



For medium to large network solutions, Cisco offers the right switch for Dallmeier video solutions. Cisco helps companies connect and monitor devices, secure and automate operations, and compute and manage data.

Learn more: Dallmeier Whitelist Switch


For over 50 years, Commend has been developing and manufacturing security and communication solutions for the protection of people, buildings and assets. A unidirectional data interface based on XML enables the transmission of soft video messages from Commend to the SeMSy® VMS from Dallmeier.

These messages are used to switch the video cameras on or off for live view.


Face Recognition

Deep Impact is an expert in the field of facial recognition. In combination with Dallmeier cameras, for example, events can be better coordinated and people can be precisely recorded.


TITO- and POS-Interface

eConnect integrates with almost all TITO & POS systems, allowing surveillance operators to search video for transaction data.



The EIZO DuraVision IP decoder solutions (27-inch IP decoder monitor FDF2711W-IP and the flexible IP decoder box DX0211-IP) are compatible with Dallmeier cameras. This gives users direct access to live camera images without any further video management requirements.


Fibre optic

High-security fibre optic connections from EKS-Engel are used in many video security systems with Dallmeier products.


Casino Slot Machine

The Cavis Slot Machine Interface, developed by ESS, connects events and alarms from slot machines to the Hemisphere® Backbone Server. The SeMSy® Workstation Interface Module allows a convenient and clear evaluation of events transcoded by the Cavis Software and connects with the video data.


Management Software

Extreme Networks provides secure and flexible solutions for a wide range of customer network designs. With the Dallmeier Panomera® and Domera® cameras, different switches can be used for optimal security and performance.


Art Security & Asset Monitoring

The Hemisphere® Interface receives RFID events from Fortecho servers, converts them to alarms, if necessary, within the SeMSy® Environment.


Management Software

Dallmeier Panomera® W- and S-Series cameras, as well as our single sensor cameras, are fully integrated with Genetec Security Center™. The benefits of multifocal sensor technology combined with Genetec Security Center™ allow Genetec users maximum control over long distances and large areas using Genetec software functionality.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Hemisphere® Interface receives ANPR events from HiSys Look System, converts them into alarms as required and manages car park occupancy in the SeMSy® ANPR module.



Various customised analyses and dashboards from Ikara can be combined with Dallmeier Domera® and Panomera® cameras. Ikara is a spin-off of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).



As an Intel Gold Partner, we rely on cutting-edge technologies in the semiconductor industry.

By partnering with Intel, we leverage advanced high-performance processors and embedded coprocessors to drive technological innovation and create the highest quality, customized solutions for our customers.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

The Hemisphere® Interface converts ANPR events from EPI-USE servers into alarms and manages car park occupancy within the ANPR module in SeMSy® VMS.


Access Control

The Hemisphere® SeMSy® Interface Module serves as the link between Maxxess eFusion and external devices, allowing for the storage and analysis of access control events and video data in a seamless manner. This is made possible through the use of Hemisphere® SeMSy® workstation applications.


Management Software

Dallmeier Panomera® cameras of the W and S series, as well as our single sensor cameras, are fully integrated into the Milestone XProtect® software suite. Dallmeier's multifocal sensor technology coupled with XProtect allows Milestone users maximum control over long distances and large areas.


Management Software

Nanodems is an intelligent platform that seamlessly integrates all physical security components on one platform. Dallmeier video technology products can be used through integration.


The Hemisphere® NRA Module is our interface connecting the Navtech Radar AdvanceGuard® solution to the Hemisphere® SeMSy® management system. Navtech Radar AdvanceGuard® is a wide-area surveillance system typically deployed in airports, open-pit mines and critical infrastructure sites. It comprises long-range, high-resolution radar and intelligent rules-based software, providing real-time detection and tracking of unlimited targets. With the integration, Hemisphere® receives alarms and transmits alarm confirmations.


Data Storage

NetApp data storage systems complement Dallmeier recorders in many large projects. With the SRS VM software, NetApp-based storage infrastructures can be seamlessly used as recording systems for Dallmeier cameras.  


IP Interfaces

The integration and use of the current ONVIF protocols has been an important sign for the open and secure communication of our systems at Dallmeier for years. The ONVIF interfaces are indispensable as global standards for IP-based video security solutions. All Dallmeier cameras support ONVIF profiles. 



ORBNET Systems is an innovative company in the field of IT solutions. The company has successfully developed plug-in solutions for Dallmeier cameras that can be seamlessly integrated into Milestone Xprotect. These solutions offer customers a simple and effective way to integrate and use Dallmeier Domeras® and Panomeras®.


LED Lighting

Customers worldwide count on Raytec LED lighting as part of their security solutions. The specialised lighting products are used, for example, by organisations and companies in critical infrastructure, industry, logistics and many other sectors.


Video Analytics

Saimos video analytics can be used in professional environments with the help of AI-based algorithms in combination with Dallmeier cameras. Saimos improves situational awareness and is integrated in Dallmeier Hemisphere®.


Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras from Teledyne FLIR have proven to be a useful and professional addition in many projects in conjunction with Dallmeier cameras, for example in perimeter protection.


360° Virtual / Remote Tower

TRIAC is a certified provider of air traffic control services for ATS and CNS as well as an innovative service provider for remote tower solutions. The company specialises in the needs of regional airports and commercial airfields. Dallmeier's Panomera® cameras are an integral part of TRIAC's 360° virtual/remote tower solution due to their high-resolution image capture.