Press Release 20 July 2021

Video technology for Juventus F.C. Stadium, Naples Airport, and many more

Full service for customers and partners: Dallmeier Italy moves into new offices

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Regensburg (Germany), 20 July 2021 – Good news for customers, partners, and employees of Dallmeier Italy: In the new premises of the Italian branch of the German video technology manufacturer, everything is focused on a comprehensive, practice-oriented customer care from presales consulting to technical support.

The patented Panomera® multifocal sensor technology from the German manufacturer Dallmeier has been successfully used in Italy for many years: The Allianz Stadium in Turin, ParkinGO in Milan, or Naples Airport are just a few names from Dallmeier Italy’s extensive range of customers. All customers benefit from the excellent cost-benefit ratio of the technology: by using lenses and video sensors of different focal lengths in one optical unit, the Panomera® systems require far fewer camera systems than conventional solutions. The result is savings in all project areas – from implementation, infrastructure and civil engineering to ongoing operating and support costs.

Short distances and a holistic offer
The Italian subsidiary offers much more than just the distribution of the sought-after technology from Germany. From the new office Dallmeier Italy offers its entire portfolio. From consulting to the 3D planning service, with which customers and partners can precisely define all details of their future system with the help of a “digital twin“ even before the project begins, to the Factory Acceptance Test, which puts the entire system through its paces before delivery, to support during ongoing operation. In addition to a meeting room and a showroom for product demos, extensive training facilities are available in the training rooms for “hands-on“ training of Dallmeier customers and partners.

“In addition to our patented Panomera® multifocal sensor cameras, which allow customers to get by with far fewer systems and thus save significantly on infrastructure and operating costs, the open software platform Hemisphere® offers our users particular added value. The modular structure allows video security solutions to be tailored precisely to the respective application,“ explains Daniele Sisinio, Director Dallmeier Italia. “With our new branch offices, we ensure that customers and installers can implement even more complex environments with the maximum expertise – with customised support depending on the situation and request.“

The new branch is in Via Bruno Barilli, 5/C, 42124 Reggio Emilia, very conveniently situated near the Mediopadana high-speed railway station and the A1 freeway.

About Dallmeier

Dallmeier: Turn images into assets.
With pioneering video technology from Germany.

In 1984 Dieter Dallmeier founded what is now Dallmeier electronic – not in the proverbial garage, but in a garden shed in Regensburg, Germany. Today, the company, which can justifiably call itself a hidden champion for video information technology "Made in Germany", has several hundred employees worldwide, more than 250 of them at the company headquarters in the centre of Regensburg alone.

Our customers: From commercial enterprises to World Cup stadiums
Dallmeier's camera, recording, software, and analysis solutions optimise security and processes for B2B end customers in a wide range of industries in over 60 countries. The focus is on users from the casino, smart city, airports, logistics, stadiums, and industrial sectors. But also, banks, critical infrastructure facilities as well as medium-sized companies from all sectors.

Low total cost of ownership "Made in Germany"
With pioneering innovations, Dallmeier has succeeded time and again in placing itself at the forefront of technology: From the world's first digital image storage system with motion analysis in 1992, the patented "multifocal sensor technology" Panomera® with its "Mountera®" mounting system, to the latest Domera® camera family, which allows up to 300 camera variants with only 18 components. These and many other innovations provide real, tangible customer benefits. And with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a high Return on Investment (ROI) they can easily compete with systems produced and supplied from low-wage countries.

Cybersecurity, data protection and ethical responsibility through maximum vertical integration
With 100% "Made in Germany", we also guarantee our customers the highest standards in data protection, cybersecurity, and ethical responsibility. With high quality and short supply chains, we also ensure – almost incidentally – sustainability and environmental protection. From our prestigious headquarters in the centre of Regensburg, Dallmeier not only carries out its own research and development but also the complete manufacturing process – from component to product to solution.

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