A whole Video Management System in your pocket: SeMSy® Mobile Client

The first complete “mobile first” video management system for professional use:

  • A “standalone” mobile VMS with edge recording on the camera
  • Or in combination with the SeMSy® Compact VMS and a Dallmeier recording solution
  • Specifically developed for professional use
  • Site-, user- and rights-management
  • A multitude of security features “Made in Germany”


Push Notifications

Track Wheel
Your Events

On the go
Engage from Remote

Security by Design
Developed and Made in Germany

Quickly find what is important...

...and react immediately!

The cameras of the Dallmeier Domera® and Panomera® families offer a wide variety of AI-based video analytics and automatically detect suspicious or relevant events.

The “SeMSy® Mobile Client” combines these capabilities with the mobile world: in case of an event, a push notification goes to the authorised users.

Through various live view and playback functions, they can immediately get a picture of the situation and perform appropriate actions: From addressing a person via loudspeaker to informing other colleagues to triggering a wide variety of IoT devices such as doors, barriers etc.

Quick. Simple. Effective.

Monitor & Engage

  • Navigate and search live and recorded video from all cameras with optimal overview
  • Virtually unlimited number of cameras and sites
  • Intuitive “track wheel” operation even for untrained staff
  • Door control, switching of lights and barriers via IoT protocols (MQTT)

Receive AI Events

  • Push notification in real time thanks to AI-based event triggers
  • Quick overview of all events
  • Remotely controllable actions such as addressing via loudspeaker
  • Filter events based on object type, activity and more

Manage Users & Sites

  • Simple yet professional user management with groups, sites, rights assignment
  • Quick integration of cameras and recorders via QR code
  • Easy addition of users via invitation link
  • Highest security standards through “Made in Germany” (ISO 27001, end-to-end encryption and many more)

“Trackwheel” your events

Fastest navigation for maximum overview

Every user has different preferences.

If desired, you can navigate through events, backups and other functions with the intuitive “haptic-responsive” trackwheel – or via the easy-to-use slider.

Easily understandable icons provide additional usability support.

AI qualified events

Always “on top of things” – on-site and remote

The SeMSy® Mobile Client receives status and event messages from the cameras and recording systems and creates push messages to inform the user, depending on their role & site. All messages are displayed in an easy to navigate list with preview images. From there, playback of the event can be activated directly.

B2B-level management

A Mobile App – with true B2B management capabilities

SeMSy® Mobile Client combines the functional and security requirements of professional organisations with the user-friendliness and simplicity of a consumer application.

A highlight of the SeMSy® Mobile Client is the integrated user management. Users can invite other users from their organisation directly from the application to gain access to cameras and recording systems on a site. The individual user rights can be defined via user roles. If necessary, access can be revoked quickly and efficiently at any time. Comprehensive security features round off the professional claim of the “smallest Dallmeier solution”. 

Expand & Upgrade

From the smallest environment to large organisations

The SeMSy® Mobile Client grows with your requirements:

  • The smallest solutions requires only one or more Dallmeier cameras with edge recording and the app.
  • For larger customer environments, the system can be seamlessly expanded with the SeMSy® Compact VMS software, workstations or Dallmeier recording systems and third-party cameras.

From small to large – “in your pocket”

Further Information

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