The game of patience on the lifting platform

Installers know the problem: high up on the cherry picker, after the camera has been mounted, the mechanic spends valuable time adjusting the optics to the desired image section, zoom and focus.

Often this is done at the instruction and call of another employee who is already at the notebook setting up and configuring the camera.

Or even worse: everything is set up, the customer is satisfied for the time being, and then the next day comes the call: “Could we move a little further to the left here, the ticket booth is not on the picture...“.

But there is another way!

A few mouse clicks are all it takes

The camera view of Dallmeier Domera® dome cameras can be conveniently adjusted remotely via the integrated Domera® OS operating system.

And all this without having to worry about the adjustment during installation or coming into contact with the lens and camera electronics.

Because via the browser-based user interface, users can, with just a few mouse clicks:

  • pan, tilt, rotate and zoom the camera thanks to the integrated PTRZ (Pan Tilt Roll Zoom) function of the Dallmeier RPod (Remote Positioning Dome)
  • activate the “corridor mode“
  • then activate the automatic roll function
  • as well as adjust the focal length, activate the autofocus and make final adjustments.

In the short video you can see how it works: