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Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG
Bahnhofstr. 16
93047 Regensburg
Teléfono: +49 941 8700-0
Fax: +49 941 8700-180

Press Releases 2023

Press Releases

Date Title Press Release
15 November 2023 Jesolo: Increased security in a popular holiday resort Details
26 October 2023 SeMSy® Mobile Client: Mobile Video Management “in your Pocket” Details
24 October 2023 Webinar Milestone XProtect® and Panomera® Details
29 September 2023 Casinos optimise profit with Dallmeier’s “CAT for Sic Bo” Details
21 September 2023 Alsancak Stadium relies on Dallmeier Panomera® cameras Details
31 August 2023 Airport Webinar on 21 September – Protection against airfield intrusion and other threats Details
23 August 2023 Dallmeier at the eps ARENA SUMMIT 2023 Details
3 August 2023 Dallmeier comments on new FIFA stadium guidelines Details
25 July 2023 Sales partnership between Dallmeier and VIDEOR Details
22 June 2023 Dallmeier sponsored European Dealer Championship 2023 Details
7 June 2023 Dallmeier presents camera planning tool “PlanD” Details
24 May 2023 Case Study “Valley of Waves” Details
16 March 2023 Dallmeier opens subsidiary “Dallmeier Austria” Details
28 February 2023 DOMERA® Version E: Affordable entry-level cameras in proven Dallmeier quality Details
23 February 2023 Dallmeier @ WGPC 2023 – Reducing cost and complexity of casino gaming floor surveillance Details
31 January 2023 Dallmeier at LogiMAT 2023: Video makes logistics easier to manage Details

Press Releases 2022

Press Releases

Date Title Press Release
1 December 2022 Dallmeier launches Casino 2.0 information campaign: Making casino operations easier Details
17 November 2022 Flottweg relies on Dallmeier video security technology for perimeter security and workplace safety Details
10 November 2022 Securiton and Dallmeier announce partnership in Switzerland Details
3 November 2022 Dallmeier introduces new training programme for Domera® and Panomera® partners Details
20 October 2022 Dallmeier Domera® camera family without delivery problems Details
6 October 2022 Preview: Dallmeier @ Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 Details
22 September 2022 Dallmeier shows integration at the Milestone Partner Summits Details
22 September 2022 Red Dot Award 2022 goes to Dallmeier Camera Series "Domera®" Details
15 September 2022 Dallmeier Partner Days go into the next round Details
15 September 2022 Dallmeier introduces video analytics app "AI Ship Detection" Details
4 August 2022 Dallmeier Installer Day 2022 Details
4 August 2022 Dallmeier expands presence in Türkiye Details
28 July 2022 Dallmeier & ONEsolution continue cooperation Details
14 July 2022 For maximum art protection - Dallmeier HEMISPHERE® & Fortecho Aspect Arts® Details
22 June 2022 Dallmeier Italia is “Official Supplier” for Lega Pro Details
1 June 2022 Dallmeier Blog: Helpful best-practice content from the world of video technology Details
12 May 2022 Preview: 2nd World Airport Operations Summit Details
4 May 2022 Trade Fair Preview: GPEC 2022 Details
21 April 2022 Trade Fair Preview: European Dealer Championship 2022 Details
20 April 2022 Webinar: DOMERA® - Probably the world's most versatile camera Details
13 April 2022 Trade Fair Preview: Dallmeier at ACI-NA Airports@Work Conference 2022 Details
6 April 2022 The new DOMERA® 6000 camera series Details
31 March 2022 Panomera® Privacy Shield: Assembly rights & Video Surveillance Details
16 March 2022 Trade Fair Preview: Dallmeier @ ESSMA Safety & Security Workshop 2022 Details
24 February 2022 Trade Fair Preview: LogiMAT 2022 Details
23 February 2022 Panomera®: Limitless Video Streaming via LTE or 5G Details
13 January 2022 Trade Fair Preview: Dallmeier @ WGPC 2022 Details
11 January 2022 Dallmeier establishes its own distribution for the DACH region Details

Press Releases 2021

Press Releases

Date Title Press Release
9 December 2021 Dallmeier presents "Dallmeier Device Manager" Details
17 November 2021 Case Study: City of Prague Details
21 October 2021 Cybersecurity Month October: Five security tips for your video system Details
8 September 2021 Dallmeier Panomera® cameras: Enhanced integration in Milestone XProtect® VMS Details
25 August 2021 Patent granted for Dallmeier mounting system Mountera® Details
11 August 2021 Software platform "HEMISPHERE®" : Portfolio of deeply integrated interfaces Details
5 August 2021 Case Study: Danish State Railways Details
20 July 2021 Dallmeier Italy moves into new offices Details
15 July 2021 Dallmeier opens branch office in Vienna, Austria Details
30 June 2021 Panomera® S-Series also wins Red Dot Design Award 2021 Details
26 May 2021 iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 goes to Panomera® S-Series Details
15 April 2021 New Product Introduction: Video Management System "SeMSy® Compact" Details
17 March 2021 Cooperation between Dallmeier & EIZO for computerless IP video playback Details
24 February 2021 Case Study: Cologne Cable Car Company – Monitoring cables over the Rhine Details
27 January 2021 New Picoline Camera Series Details

Press Releases 2020

Press Releases

Date Title Press Release
9 December 2020 New video-based solution for capture of traffic violations Details
20 October 2020 Dallmeier launches latest generation of Panomera® S camera series Details
26 August 2020 Dallmeier introduces "Privacy Shield" for its Panomera® cameras Details
20 August 2020 Logistics Summit 2020 Preview: Optimising logistics processes with video technology Details
6 August 2020 New module camera: AI-based object classification even in difficult light conditions Details
30 July 2020 PTZ is history: Simulator compares camera technologies Details
25 June 2020 Panomera® W honoured with the Red Dot Award 2020 Details
28 May 2020 Survey on "Made in Germany" and "Made in Europe" Details
7 May 2020 Dallmeier host a webinar on economical video security in public spaces Details
29 April 2020 Dallmeier presents success record for video security in the German "Safe City" segment Details
31 March 2020 Webinar "Customer Benefit of the multifocal sensor technology Panomera®" on 7 April 2020 Details
11 March 2020 Panomera® W camera series wins the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 Details
27 February 2020 WGPC 2020 Preview: Simple cooperation with regulation authorities and risk mitigation for casinos Details
13 February 2020 LogiMAT 2020 Logistics Trade Fair Preview: Automated Volume Calculation Details
23 January 2020 14 Premier League football clubs have decided for Dallmeier Panomera® Details
17 January 2020 At GPEC 2020, Dallmeier showcases future-proof AI video analysis for police and security authorities Details

Press Releases 2019

Press Releases

Date Title Press Release
28 November 2019 New Fisheye Camera MDF5450HD-DN Details
20 November 2019 European Patent for „Panomera®“ Details
16 October 2019 Making things easier - Dallmeier launches new website Details
27 September 2019 Information Package for the "Panomera® W" Camera Series from Dallmeier Details
19 September 2019 Highest economy and overview: cameras of the new Panomera® W series Details
7 August 2019 Dallmeier 5000 Camera Series with H.265 HEVC and AI-supported object classification Details
9 July 2019 Your ERP learns to see – Dallmeier and SAP expert T.CON present joint solutions Details
12 June 2019 Panomera® confirms identity of football fan after “Superga” jeering incident Details
6 June 2019 Panomera® now integrated in Genetec Security Center™ Details
5 June 2019 Review: G2E Asia 2019 Details
16 May 2019 Preview: transport logistic 2019 in Munich Details
11 April 2019 Four statements on video technology and AI Details
3 April 2019 “Best New Product” award at WGPC 2019 Details
29 March 2019 Sponsorship of 2019 European Dealer Championship Details
15 March 2019 Preview: G2E Asia 2019 Details
18 February 2019 Review: ICE London 2019 Details
31 January 2019 Semi-Automated Monitoring Solution for Airport Security Area Details
17 January 2019 European Police Congress 2019 Preview Details

Press Releases 2018

Press Releases 2018

Date Title Press Release
19 December 2018 Innovative technologies for gaming, surveillance and marketing at ICE London 2019 Details
21 November 2018 Dallmeier presents components for a total security approach in video technology Details
4 October 2018 Dallmeier in 100 seconds Details
30 August 2018 Dallmeier provides information package for GDPR-compliant video security technology Details
11 July 2018 Another record for resolution and dynamic range with the new Panomera® S8 Ultraline Details
27 June 2018 Dallmeier celebrates 15 years in America Details
21 June 2018 Cost-effective Primeline camera series for daytime and night operation Details
6 June 2018 Dallmeier presents combined module for data protection and data security Details
31 May 2018 Successful launch of Dallmeier Smart Casino Solutions Details
19 April 2018 Dallmeier presents VideoNetBox 3 Details
18 April 2018 Dallmeier presents innovative Smart Casino Solutions at G2E Asia 2018 Details
15 March 2018 Discreet 360° all-round vision with Dallmeier MDF5400HD-DN IP Fisheye camera Details
21 February 2018 Successful launch for Dallmeier’s innovative CAT system at ICE Totally Gaming 2018 in London Details
7 February 2018 Dallmeier security technology protects drivers and goods Details
11 January 2018 Dallmeier returns to ICE show with its innovative CAT system for live Gaming Details

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