Press Release 27 June 2018

Press Release 27 June 2018

Dallmeier celebrates 15 years in America

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It is not easy for non-US vendors to establish sustainable presence in North America. So it is especially good news that Dallmeier USA can look back on 15 years of market presence in North America this year.

Casinos all across the USA
Dallmeier USA has successfully deployed more than 60 large casino installations, many with well over 1,000 cameras, plus, a significant number of small and medium-sized installations. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the team of Joe McDevitt, President at Dallmeier USA, serves customers throughout the country. Customers include top casinos such as Westgate, SLS, multiple Seminole Hard Rock properties and MGM's newest casino outside of Washington D.C., with environments comprising of all Dallmeier components, from the Panomera® W8 Topline cameras all the way to complete video management systems. Teamed with a small number of highly skilled system integrators, Dallmeier continually gets glowing reports from its casino customers on how well their systems operate and how well they are serviced.

A demanding market
“The US market is very demanding and highly competitive,” says Joe McDevitt. "Dallmeier has approached it very selectively and systematically. It would have been extremely difficult to approach this market with a large number of smaller installations that we would have had trouble keeping up with and servicing properly. It was however, much easier to approach a small number of very large installations such as you have in the casino industry. This approach allowed us to grow in terms of technical support, training, inventory, and repair facilities while maintaining a number of very manageable sites. It didn't hurt that we are all experts in this particular vertical market, so the casino industry just screamed for us to come and work with it. While I know we will always consider casinos our wheelhouse, we are now in the enviable position of having a real first-class operation here in the US to better serve other markets such as: airports, seaports, city surveillance, stadiums and much more. That is what we are pursuing now and after just one year, are already having good success, largely due to the innovative solutions of products like Panomera® and our world class VMS."

Interoperability and innovation
"Many of our customers appreciate the all-encompassing approach of a complete solution from a single manufacturer. They like the guaranteed interoperability and the one throat to choke philosophy. Others appreciate Dallmeier's integration department that allows us to integrate and utilise other company's technologies within our environment," says McDevitt.

Dallmeier customers share this view: “All of these things are critical in making decisions on whose system you choose for your installation and who you choose to partner with for the long term. Especially in casino operations where video security and surveillance are of critical importance. A long-term, reliable relationship with the manufacturer and a high degree of innovation were therefore particularly important to us when we were looking to replace our legacy systems.” says Gordon Dickie, Executive Director of the Seminole Tribal Gaming Commission. “That's why we evaluated the unusually high number of eight companies. After a thorough evaluation process, we chose Dallmeier. We were particularly impressed by the company's high degree of innovation and its strong focus on research and development. Dallmeier understands the future of video security and we can be confident that we will always be at the cutting edge of technology with this partnership."

In the anniversary video, President Joe McDevitt reports on the activities and successes in the US video security/surveillance market.

About Dallmeier

Dallmeier is the only manufacturer of video security technology that develops and manufactures all components in Germany. This includes the entire product range, from cameras to picture storage and transmission to intelligent video analysis and even individually adjusted management software. Quality made by Dallmeier, made in Germany!

Dallmeier has at its disposal more than 35 years of experience in transmission, recording as well as picture processing technology and is a leading pioneer of CCTV/IP solutions worldwide. This profound knowledge is used in the development of intelligent software and high-quality recorder and camera technologies enabling Dallmeier to not only offer stand-alone systems, but complete network solutions up to large-scale projects with perfectly integrated component. Right from the beginning the company always focused on own innovative developments and highest quality and reliability.

Over the years, Dallmeier has repeatedly given fresh impetus to the market with new developments and extraordinary innovations. The world’s first DVR for example, which introduced digital recording to the entire CCTV industry more than 25 years ago, came from Dallmeier. The introduction of the patented multifocal sensor system Panomera® has had a similarly ground-breaking effect, ushering in a new era for the industry. This unique camera technology is revolutionising the market and opening up completely new possibilities for securing assets, optimising business operations and ensuring public safety. This and the extensive experience in the CCTV and IP field have led to a top position in the international market for digital video surveillance systems.

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