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From “mobile-only” to enterprise system

Video management requirements are as varied as the users themselves. That is why Dallmeier offers the right software for every customer size. The smallest Dallmeier solution consists of only two components: The free SeMSy® Mobile Client and a camera, e.g., from the Domera® family.


The Dallmeier VMS world at a glance:

  • SeMSy® Mobile Client: The first complete “mobile first” video management system for professional use. As a standalone mobile VMS with edge recording on the camera or in combination with the SeMSy® Compact VMS and a Dallmeier recording solution.
  • SeMSy® Compact: The free SeMSy® Compact VMS software is ideal for medium requirements and use on Windows-based workstations. Various expansion modules allow it to be adapted to larger requirements. 
  • SeMSy® Hemisphere®: With SeMSy® Hemisphere®, customers can build the most sophisticated enterprise applications from a “construction kit“ of video management, data management and front-end applications, with exactly the modules they need for their application.
  • Third-party systems: Already have a video management solution? Find out more about integrating Dallmeier cameras into other VMS systems.

Are you looking for 3D camera planning software?

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VMS Mobile: The SeMSy® Mobile Client

Professional video management “in your pocket“.

The SeMSy® Mobile Client is an app for Android and iOS that makes a complete B2B video management system with all important functions available on the move. The smallest version requires only one or more Dallmeier cameras with edge recording and the free app.

For larger customer environments, the system can be seamlessly expanded with the SeMSy® Compact VMS software as well as Dallmeier recording systems and third-party cameras. This makes the system a perfect growth solution or addition for larger requirements.

In contrast to many other mobile solutions, the SeMSy® Mobile Client has been specially developed for professional use with comprehensive location, user, and rights management as well as numerous security features “Made in Germany”.


  • All the functionality of an on-premise B2B VMS available on the move.
  • Push notifications in real-time thanks to AI-based event triggers; overview of all events
  • Intuitive “track wheel” operation even for untrained staff
  • Navigate and search live and recorded video from all cameras with optimal overview
  • Remotely controllable actions such as addressing via loudspeaker, door control, switching of lights and barriers via IoT protocols (MQTT)
  • Simple yet professional user management with groups, locations, rights assignment
  • Quick integration of cameras and recorders via QR code
  • Easy addition of users via invitation link
  • Highest security standards through “Made in Germany” (ISO 27001, end-to-end encryption, etc.)

VMS for Small and Medium Businesses

Perfect for Small & Medium Businesses: SeMSy® Compact VMS

Only if surveillance managers can quickly find relevant sequences, they can successfully contribute to the investigation of criminal offences, retrace events or carry out efficient damage management.

Dallmeier’s video management system SeMSy® Compact is the successor to the proven SMAVIA Viewing Client and, together with Dallmeier cameras and recording systems, offers a whole range of innovative assistance systems to help surveillance managers do their job as effectively as possible.  

In addition to the fast and intuitive display of live views, SeMSy® Compact offers a variety of functions for the management of the entire system. These range from integrated user administration and a customisable user interface to functions for creating and managing local backups. All functions are perfectly coordinated and are operated together on a dedicated workstation.


  • Search with thumbnails and timeline markers
  • Search for counts, events and objects
  • Any data source: from classic in-camera VCA and AI analysis to dedicated AI servers
  • Auto-tracking of events
  • True data protection through pixelation – even of persons not in motion
  • Dashboard function for quick situation assessment with diagrams of the analysis data

VMS Enterprise – Hemisphere®

Video and data team up

Dallmeier Hemisphere® is the open platform for businesses that want to improve their security and business processes. It links data from various sources intelligently with video images and processes.

Hemisphere® comprises Dallmeier camera and recording systems as well as a wide variety of deeply integrated third party systems.

For solutions that are exactly tailored to your industry and your organisation.

Modular System

  • Hemisphere® SeMSy® Video and Alarm Management: The modular VMS system serves solution scenarios for all sizes of organisations
  • SeMSy® Compact: Software for essential Video Management tasks, including “Comfort Search”
  • Hemisphere® Incident Management and “Situational Awareness”: Emergency personnel all over the world rely on Dallmeier solutions for the digital recording, processing and forwarding of incidents.
  • Hemisphere® “DSIM”: The portfolio of Dallmeier “DSIM” modules ranges from data management in logistics systems to “Physical Security Information Management” (PSIM).
  • Hemisphere® “Analytics”: Display, process and correlate traditional or AI-based captured data for a variety of reports and BI applications.


Interfaces to third-party systems

The open platform approach of Dallmeier IP CCTV solutions enables the integration of a multitude of third-party systems. Dallmeier constantly expandes the interfaces, and in complex system landscapes, customer-specific development is possible.

Learn more: Dallmeier integrations and interfaces

Further Information

Brochure: Hemisphere® Software Platform