May AI help you?

Video-based analysis at Dallmeier means a holistic approach consisting of camera technology, recording and software

For example, our cameras offer AI-supported video content analysis (VCA) for the pre-selection of events or object classifications. Functions such as our SEDOR AI analysis software can be found on the recording level.

Software modules from the Hemisphere® world then help to offer concrete support for humans – be it through AI-supported perimeter applications with fewer false alarms, modules for counting people or AI-supported recognition of objects for diverse applications – from blackjack chip stacks to objects in logistics.


  • Optimal enhancement to the Dallmeier analysis functions in camera and recording (object classification in different expansion stages)
  • Integration of results of AI-based and classical analysis systems into higher-level management tasks
  • Optimisation of alarm systems and surveillance functions
  • Flexible presentation and embedding of analysis results
  • “Assistance systems” for a variety of applications (e.g. people counting, ANPR, etc.)


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