SIT Point®

SIT Point®

Dallmeier customers benefit from a wide range of training programmes with which they can make optimum use of their video system.

Project Specific Training

Project-specific Training

Project-specific Training

Your Dallmeier video solution is planned, compiled and ready for use. What about you?

In Dallmeier project-specific trainings, our customer benefit from:

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General Training

General Training

The Dallmeier general trainings take place in specially equipped training rooms at our company headquarters (Regensburg, Germany).

As a participant, you benefit from:

  • A specially equipped training place, which is based on the workstation of a video operator
  • Get to know the most important functions of a video security system
  • Receive a helpful introduction to more adjacent video security topics (e.g. network infrastructure)
Name Start End Language Place Price Status
SMAVIA Basic Training tba tba Deutsch Regensburg 750 € available
SMAVIA Basic Training tba tba English Regensburg 750 € available

Free Webinars

Free Webinars

With the free, 30 minute-long Dallmeier webinars you can:

PService 3

Target group: Installers and technicians who want to be able to use a service tool that makes their daily tasks easier.
PService3 is a powerful application for conveniently configuring and managing IP video systems from Dallmeier.


Remote transmission of images is becoming increasingly important: Many companies from a wide range of sectors have changed their practices and now dial into the branch offices or subsidiaries in question from a remote location (a control centre or head office) in order to connect to the video system and cameras. But while this may sound simple in theory, the reality is often quite different: How is it possible to transmit HD streams, in other words good images, even when only using small bandwidths?

IR Cameras

Good images at night as well? The Dallmeier IR network camera makes it possible. Unlike most conventional IR box cameras, which are fitted with many small, ring-like LEDs arranged around the lens, the Dallmeier IR camera uses three large, high power LEDs. In this webinar, you will learn what advantages this offers for your video security project. We will also show you live how easily and conveniently you can adjust the focal distance, the focus and the image section of this surveillance camera using a web browser.

Question Time: Cameras

In this webinar, we swap the parts: You decide its content! Ask your questions in the chat area, anything to do with "cameras", and our training manager will be glad to answer you. How do you choose the right model for your intended purposes, what is really meant by technical terms such as digital image shift, bitrate or edge storage, and what settings need to be made for the best possible image? We look forward to receiving your questions!

Question Time: Appliances

Ask your questions about “recording & appliances” in the chat area, and our training manager will be glad to answer you. Which appliance is ideal for your requirements? Which different recording modes are available? Which advantages do functions like “edge storage” or “SmartFinder” offer? What is meant by “Sedor®”? We look forward to receiving your questions!