Training Programmes

Here you will find all information and the possibility to register for the various Dallmeier trainings.

The qualification to become a “Dallmeier Partner” is quick, inexpensive and clear. If you want to “get started right away”, we also offer country-specific comprehensive support in all pre- and post-sales areas that you do not offer (yet). 

Overview: Dallmeier Training Programme

As an alternative to “Level 1 – Onboarding”, you can also attend the Dallmeier Partner Days.

Level 1<br>Onboarding

Level 1

3-hour basic training

Level 2<br>Technical Training<br>Basic

Level 2
Technical Training

2-day training

Level 3<br>Technical Training<br>Panomera®

Level 3
Technical Training

1-day training

Level 4<br>Technical Training<br>Update

Level 4
Technical Training

2 x 4 hours training

Level 5<br>Authorised Trainer

Level 5
Authorised Trainer

2-day training

Project-specific Training

Project-specific Training

Tailored to your project

*  If required, also possible as a hybrid / online event.

Sit Point®

Dallmeier customers benefit from a wide range of training programmes with which they can make optimum use of their video system.

To provide this at a central point within our company as well as our headquarters premesis, Dallmeier set up the SIT Point.
SIT stands for “Security Information and Technology”.

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