Easy. Easier. FAT.

Dallmeier’s FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) Centre guarantees fast and smooth commissioning of even the largest Enterprise solutions. In the FAT Centre, all user accounts, hosts, IP addresses, time zones etc. of the video system are preconfigured according to customer requirements. The entire camera, recording, software and network infrastructure of the customer is simulated and real-world operation is tested.

Compatibility with third-party components is also checked and, if necessary, individually programmed.

The four-step FAT process can be individually customised, from mere testing of the installation to onsite training, installation and full-fledged documentation.


  • Significant savings in cost and time due to fast and smooth commissioning
  • Work relief for installer and integrator

Optional Services

  • Preliminary audit together with the customer
  • Interactive workshops for efficient system operation
  • On-site commissioning


FAT Centre Brochure