PTZ cameras

The high-speed PTZ network cameras of the Dallmeier PTZ family are characterised by the well-known Dallmeier quality. All models are equipped with a high-performance PTZ mechanism and deliver high-resolution video streams with up to 40x zoom and up to 60 fps with excellent contrast, brilliant clarity and maximum detail resolution. 

  • Intelligent assistance through AI-based video analytics
  • Perfect lighting with adaptive IR
  • Domera® OS for “privacy and security by design”
  • Easy installation with the Mountera® mounting system

40 x

zoom with autofocus

100 m

IR lighting




on board

Users of Dallmeier PTZ cameras can cover all relevant application areas: From casino gaming floors to organisations counting as Critical Infrastructure. With superior technical feautures and up to 20% less cost compared to previous generations.

  • High-speed pan/tilt/zoom mechanism
  • Digital image stabilization (EIS)
  • 30x or 40x zoom, 2-8 MP resolution
  • 128 programmable preset positions
  • ONVIF compatible
  • EU-GDPR and NDAA-compliant
  • Supports MQTT protocol
  • Mountera® outdoor variant with integrated heater


Maximum image quality, high zoom factors, numerous mounting options


Reduced human error and improved security with AI-based object classification 

Reduced Costs

Easy installation and 20% lower product cost compared to previous generation

3rd Party integration

All Dallmeier single sensor cameras and Panomera® multifocal sensor systems can be integrated in any Video Management Software (VMS) supporting ONVIF® as well as RTSP.

AI-based object classification, HDR/WDR, adaptive IR and highest image quality

AI-based object classification is available in the PTZ main position. Depending on the incident – motion, tampering, line crossing, loitering, intrusion – an event is created and allows more detailed investigations. 

Wide Dynamic Range and adaptive IR LEDs optimise the dynamic range and lighting.

The latest SoC generation and high-quality optics guarantee the best image quality even in poor lighting conditions.  

PTZ models

The Dallmeier surveillance cameras have been developed specifically for security applications and are characterised by the highest image quality and a high dynamic range. The result: Dallmeier IP cameras offer the highest colour fidelity and richness of detail, while the bit rate still remains low – undeniably major benefits for the use in a professional and reliable video security system.

Did you know? Dallmeier cameras can also be easily integrated into video management software from other manufacturers.



Ultra HD PTZ Network Camera Series with IR illumination and variable Mountera® mounting system

5/8 MP | 40× zoom | IR | WDR/HDR



High-Speed PTZ Network Camera Series

5 MP | 30× zoom | WDR/HDR |
Mountera® outdoor variant



High-Speed PTZ Network Camera Series

2 MP | 30× zoom | WDR/HDR

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Data Sheet

PTZ Cameras

Data Sheet

PTZ Cameras

Data Sheet

PTZ Cameras