Security Solutions for Smart Cities

Safer City. Better Life.

Technical development in the Safe City area is currently undergoing a period of enormous change: Conventional video security technology is evolving inexorably into an all-round tool.

With Panomera® based solutions from Dallmeier, urban authorities have the capability to safeguard even very large public areas with significantly lower infrastructure and operating costs than was previously possible in public area solutions.

In a flexible, modular approach Dallmeier solutions are created by combining camera- and recording-systems with specific modules of the Dallmeier Hemisphere® software platform. This ensures utmost customer satisfaction with maximum cost efficiency.


  • Lowest possible infrastructure costs due to several times lower number of required cameras compared to conventional solutions
  • Cost-efficient coverage of even very large areas with the patented Panomera® multifocal sensor system
  • Support for emergency response personnel by digital situation assessment
  • Highest standards for data protection and cybersecurity
  • Reduction of operators‘ workload with AI-based assistance systems
  • Crowd analysis & people counting
  • Integration of adjacent critical infrastructures

Large public areas

See more. With less.

With the patented Panomera® camera system, operators can easily capture even extremely large spatial contexts with a small number of cameras at precisely defined resolution density in every area.

The result is a much higher operator efficiency, significantly improved control and better court usability of evidence.

Permanent recording of the entire scene and the ability of multiple users to zoom into any part of an image in high resolution are unique usability features of Panomera®, and all zooms are even possible in the recording – unlike conventional solutions with single-sensor and PTZ cameras.


  • Capturing large spatial contexts
  • Video surveillance with significantly less cameras and screens
  • Modern, user-friendly and efficient operating system
  • Exactly definable pixel density across the entire area ensures usability in court and sufficient data quality for AI / analysis systems

Interfaces to Critical Infrastructures

No Gaps.

Solutions from Dallmeier can also be used to safeguard critical infrastructures effectively and integrate them in higher-level control station systems via modern interfaces.


  • Solutions for critical infrastructures
  • For example: cultural institutions, energy suppliers, perimeters, stadiums, airports, public transport systems
  • Modern interfaces (e.g., RESTful API)
  • Webservice-based, enabling seamless integration in existing systems

Safe City Manager

Manage. Control. Resolve.

With the modules of the Hemisphere® software platform, public sector decision makers can implement individual “Safe City Management” solutions:

From the digital support of emergency forces, the detection and documentation of traffic offences to digital incident files and the collection of “Smart City” data via video analysis.  


  • Deployment and management of emergency forces through software support
  • Modules for data capture and data management to support control room systems
  • Supporting investigation processes with digital incident files
  • Traffic enforcement, wrong way detection etc.
  • Use of camera systems as “smart optical data sensors” to support Smart City applications

Data Protection & Data Security

Privacy & Security. By Design.

As a German manufacturer of video security equipment, Dallmeier attaches the highest priority to the protection of personal and sensitive information.

Solutions such as the Dallmeier Privacy Shield are therefore developed in strict compliance with the GDPR principles “Privacy by Design” and “Security by Design”. Moreover, the 3D planning approach guarantees that the achievement of data privacy objectives is built into the project from the very beginning.


  • Comprehensive data privacy expertise as German manufacturer
  • Innovative 3D planning takes data protection concerns (e.g. GDPR) into account from the very beginning of the project
  • Most comprehensive portfolio of data protection functions: From pixelation and privacy masking to security gateway to the “four-eyes”-principle
  • Highest standards in cybersecurity

People counting

Every Number Counts.

Camera-based people-counting can deliver valuable data which supports security personnel in decision making and response control.


  • Heat maps for public places, major events, railway stations, etc.
  • Alerts for defined “density levels”
  • Integration of data into control desk systems etc.
  • “Predictive analytics” for shortened reaction times and operation support

AI assistance systems

May AI Help You?

Automatic discovery of the “suitcase bomb” will remain in the realm of science fiction for some time yet, but AI-based assistance systems already help considerably to lighten the burden on human operators, for example by preselection of alarms or automatic object tracking.


  • Increased operator efficiency
  • AI-based object recognition and image analysis for pre-selection of alarms
  • Automatic object tracking across multiple cameras
  • Highly integrated analytics systems: from resolution density and image quality to the neural networks

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Panomera® for Safe City

Practical Guide (German)

Dallmeier Solutions for a Safe City.

Build a Safe City with Dallmeier.

From the video image to analysis and data management
Technical development in the “Safe City” area is currently undergoing enormous change: Conventional video security technology is evolving inexorably into an all-round tool. Of course, the greatest attention has been concentrated on new analysis capabilities offered by the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and other innovative technologies, but also imageless data collection for generating anonymised data. This has opened the way for entirely new options for using video technology as a data supplier for “Smart City” applications.

Camera technology, recording, analysis and modular management software
Dallmeier has enjoyed a worldwide reputation as an innovative solutions manufacturer in video security for over 35 years. The company combines its patented Panomera® camera technology with the most advanced AI-based video analysis methods. A modular system of software components enables the configuration of high-level security and data management systems for widely diverse tasks: in support of emergency personnel, for situation assessment or for automated incident management, to speed up processes and simplify work steps through digital investigation files and semi-automated further processing, for example.

Panomera® for seamless capture of large spatial contexts
Panomera® is the patented multifocal sensor technology from Dallmeier and has been implemented in many airports, stadiums, cities, seaports and other critical infrastructures all over the world since 2011. The unique feature of Panomera® is its ability to capture large expanses in hitherto impossible resolution and in large spatial contexts. The system requires the use of far fewer cameras than comparable combinations consisting of megapixel and PTZ cameras. For the operating personnel, this means a significantly smaller number of monitors and greater operating comfort, while for the operating companies infrastructure expenses are reduced considerably, resulting in substantially lower total costs.

AI enables “smart” assistance Systems
The hype surrounding artificial intelligence engenders high expectations everywhere regarding the capabilities to which this technology gives access, precisely in the Safe City area as well. The need to provide decision makers with help in making a realistic evaluation is therefore greater still: What resources are available for intervening in fact when suspicious movement patterns are observed on the video, for example? Do the necessary legal framework conditions even exist? What happens, for example, if an incident is not detected despite the presence of a AI system? What are the consequences for issues of data protection and data security? If these questions have been resolved, even today AI-based systems already offer a wide range of capabilities for supporting emergency response personnel with intelligent prior selection of situations, through people counting, with automatic object tracking or forensic evaluation.

Data protection and data security “Made in Germany”
When video and data management technologies are used in public areas, of course particular importance is attached to questions of data protection and data security. In this context, Dallmeier relies on its extensive fund of experience as a German manufacturer and equips its technology components with the very latest data protection and data security functions. This in turn ensures that they will conform to data protection and GDPR requirements when implemented in the most diverse scenarios, and that the subject of “cybersecurity” is still addressed with the very latest state of the art.

Consulting, 3D planning and services
Every Dallmeier City project is preceded by an optional consulting process, in which our customers benefit from our many years of experience with municipal contracting authorities all over the world. A detailed planning process with individual 3D simulations guarantees that the customer’s requirements are defined precisely in advance and fulfilled just as exactly upon completion. The system is not shipped until it has undergone a complete, uncompromising test run in the Dallmeier Factory Acceptance Test Centre. A customised Dallmeier service and support package ensures trouble-free operation after implementation as well.