Making Privacy Visible

In early 2020 for example, several German courts ruled that permanently installed video systems must be switched off “in a way that can be seen from afar” during peaceful rallies.

With 200 to 300 rallies per year in a medium-sized city, enforcing this requirement means a significant increase in costs of up to 170,000 EUR due to the additional staff, lifting platforms, etc.

With the remotely controllable “Panomera® Privacy Shield”, authorities, emergency forces or even companies can visibly cover the lenses of their video cameras at any time with the click of a mouse – for true “privacy on demand.

A new approach to data protection

Privacy “on Demand”

  • Minimal effort due to remote control from the control centre
  • Significantly less time and costs
  • Video surveillance is clearly deactivated
  • Upgrade of existing Panomera® systems is possible
  • 100 % Made in Germany

Benefits for everyone

Authorities and police

Private companies

  • Guaranteed data protection for employees during shift changes, company meetings or strikes
  • Comprehensive compliance with GDPR requirements
  • Privacy on Demand for companies & organisations

Citizens and data protectors

  • Safeguarding of personal rights
  • Guarantee of the possibility to express opinions anonymously and freely during peaceful rallies

At a glance

Save time and money

Activation / disactivation in the control centre – with just a few mouse clicks.

Make privacy visible

The camera deactivation is clearly visible – even from a distance.

Easy to upgrade

Already installed Panomera® cameras can be easily upgraded.

“As a German manufacturer, we have mastered the topic of data protection and data security through years of cooperation with authorities. This is why it was important to us to make a system available for government authorities, and private businesses as well, which addresses these many requirements in a single solution.

Thomas Dallmeier, CEO, Dallmeier electronic

Further Information

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Privacy Shield Upgrade Kit

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