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One important prerequisite for the acceptance of video surveillance in public and business environments is that the privacy of data subjects must be respected. In early 2020 for example, several German courts ruled the following: During peaceful gatherings, permanently installed video surveillance systems must be switched off; this also must be “sufficiently reliably evident”.

Until now, this has caused a substantial logistical effort: The police or security personnel must disguise each camera individually, at great expense with the aid of elevating platforms. Returning the installations to their original condition is equally time-consuming. Given the several hundred assemblies per year held in larger cities, shift changes or strikes in businesses, this rapidly leads to substantial costs for additional manpower and the requisite equipment such as elevating platforms.

Dallmeier’s “Privacy Shield” now tackles these issues: Users can remotely control a kind of “blind” – that is made of a special non-transparent material – directly from the control centre and cover the lenses of the Dallmeier Panomera® camera systems. The Privacy Shield has a highly visible colour and bears the printed image of a crossed-out camera, showing clearly for any person: there is no video observation or video surveillance. This solution could also be used in business environments if area or car park surveillance is to be deactivated at certain times, for example, such as during shift changes, company meetings or strikes.

Save time and money

Activation / disactivation in the control centre – with just a few mouse clicks.

Make privacy visible

The camera deactivation is clearly visible – even from a distance.

Easy to upgrade

Already installed Panomera® cameras can be easily upgraded.

“As a German manufacturer, we have mastered the topic of data protection and data security through years of cooperation with authorities. This is why it was important to us to make a system available for government authorities, and private businesses as well, which addresses these many requirements in a single solution.

Thomas Dallmeier, CEO at Dallmeier electronic

19 major German cities

already decided for Dallmeier's patented Panomera® cameras.

Industrial Enterprises

(e.g., Food, Logistics) worldwide use Dallmeier's Panomera® cameras.

14 Premier League clubs

have equipped their football stadiums with Panomera® cameras.