And which idea will help YOU?

From up to 50% time savings and maximum flexibility during mounting to finding relevant sequences x times faster:

Innovations such as the “Mountera®” mounting system or the “SmartFinder” function are just two examples from over 35 years of industry experience and discussions with our customers. For product advantages with real customer benefits.


Simplify mounting: Mountera®

A significant cost factor in any video security system is the on-site mounting, implementation and deployment of the components.

“Mountera®” is a consistent mounting system that provides significant cost savings and ensures maximum flexibility in use.

Air Blast

A clear view without wear and tear: Air Blast

As an option for Panomera®, the Air Blast System uses compressed air to clean dust, water and insects from the front glass without contact or wear.

Convection Cooling

Energy-efficient even at high temperatures: Convection Cooling

When the camera housing heats up, cool air flows continuously through the double-walled housing due to forced convection cooling.

Privacy Shield

Privacy on demand: Privacy Shield

The GDPR or the right of assembly regularly demand a recognisable deactivation of image capture e. g. during rallies or strikes.

The “Privacy Shield” makes the Panomera® systems temporarily visibly inoperable with just a few clicks.

Dallmeier Device Manager

Device management & encryption:
Dallmeier Device Manager

The Dallmeier Device Manager (DDM) allows users the comprehensive management of their Dallmeier video systems.

In addition, the DDM enables the central and quick configuration of different security components such as encryption with TLS certificates.


Quickly find what counts: SmartFinder

Surveillance managers need to quickly find relevant sequences.

The enhanced SmartFinder function displays search results with preview images and enables filtering based on available analysis criteria such as AI object groups and count results.

Helping with the investigation of crimes, tracing events or efficiently managing claims becomes a breeze.