Integration into other Video Management Systems (VMS)

A summary of the integration options can be found here: Dallmeier Third Party System Integration


Integrate Dallmeier cameras into 3rd Party VMS via ONVIF®

All Dallmeier single sensor cameras and Panomera® multifocal sensor systems can be integrated in Video Management Software (VMS) supporting the ONVIF® specification Profile MProfile S and Profile T as well as RTSP.

Integrating Panomera® in Milestone XProtect via plug-in for automatic configuration of zones

There is a plugin for the integration of Dallmeier Panomera® cameras into Milestone XProtect®. The plugin uses the geometry interface of the Panomera® to query the geometry information and configure zones in Milestone XProtect® automatically. These zones allow an easy navigation of the Panomera® camera.

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User of Milestone XProtect® VMS can integrate Dallmeier Panomera® cameras

Integrating Panomera® in Genetec Security Center via Visual Tracking functionality

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The feature “Visual tracking” allows easy navigation of the Panomera® camera. To ease the configuration, the Panomera® offers a geometry interface. In Genetec Security Center, a Macro can be used to collect the geometry information from Panomera® and configure the Visual tracking zones automatically.

Integration of Panomera® and Domera® into advancis WinGuard

WinGuard users can use Dallmeier Panomera® and single sensor cameras for video surveillance, for example to visually verify alarms. When the cameras or other security systems detect an event or trigger an alarm, WinGuard automatically displays the corresponding camera image.

Further options for the integration of Dallmeier cameras and Dallmeier recording systems via the Dallmeier API

The Dallmeier API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that further extends the range of functions of Dallmeier cameras and Dallmeier recording systems when integrating them into third-party systems.

Interface Descriptions

Dallmeier API3 & DaVid

The Dallmeier control element for API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface (64-bit version) that enables the integration of Dallmeier IP cameras, DIS-2 encoders as well as Dallmeier recorders (from generation 4) into a third-party software as part of a Microsoft operating system.

The various libraries (DLL / SO) are usually saved in the working folder of the third-party application. The third-party software should preferably be programmed in C++. It integrates the DLLs into the software. That way it can establish a connection with the Dallmeier products and enable the data transfer, the decoding and the image display. 

The API package contains the libraries, a description of the interface as well as an exemplary integration with source code in MS VisualStudio 2022.

The DaVid protocol is the Dallmeier communication protocol for exchanging data between Dallmeier devices and connected systems or applications. The integration via DaVid enables the control of all Dallmeier recording devices and IP cameras via the network. The DaVid protocol is often used to send commands from a router to a recording system in order to receive and evaluate messages/alarms (message receivers/alarm hosts).

Important note: The programming or extension with functions of the Dallmeier ActiveX interface is discontinued.

For the integration of the new Dallmeier SMAVIA Recording Server Appliance from version 9.x.x into third-party systems, adaptations of the DaVid protocol interface as well as an API version from 1.4.x are required.

If you still have questions, please use our ticket system. Please select the group “Dallmeier Integration Support“.

Interfaces to Dallmeier Hemisphere®

Open, but with in-depth integration and control options Integrate intrustion detection, fire detection, access control, and more into Dallmeier HEMISPHERE®

Users can easily integrate products and security systems from other manufacturers into the Dallmeier Hemisphere® software platform.

These include:

  • IP cameras (via ONVIF, RTSP)
  • Access control systems
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Casino dealing shoes
  • and much more

Integration is possible thanks to standard interface plug-ins using

  1. Hemisphere® Data Interface Module for integration of third party systems within Hemisphere® with extensive control. Includes SeMSy® map / active elements map integration. 
  2. Hemisphere® SeMSy® Interface Module for integration of legacy third party systems into SeMSy® with basic control options.

1. Hemisphere® Data Interface Module (DIM)

The Hemisphere® Data Interface Module (DIM) offers a variety of plug-ins for the connection of third-party systems. Plug-ins are available for standardised protocols in the area of IoT/Industry 4.0 (including MQTT, OPC UA) and building automation (BACnet, KNX), as well as various plug-ins for proprietary communication protocols.

These enable the visualisation and further processing of states and event messages from the connected systems in the Hemisphere® system.

In addition, data can also be sent to the connected systems, which in turn enables the control of third-party systems.

Overview document

This handout contains all important information on the integration of third-party systems into the Dallmeier software and explains why “not all integration is the same” and how customers can benefit from it.

The Dallmeier Hemisphere® Data Interface Module supports, among others:

IoT / Industrial Communication

  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • OPC DA
  • Modbus/TCP

Building Automation

  • BACnet
  • KNX

Access Control

  • Grosvenor Sateon Advance
  • Interflex IF-6040
  • Paxton Net2 V6
  • Software House C•CURE 9000

Fire Detection

  • Integration of various fire alarm systems via Schraner SMARTRYX


  • Moxa ioLogik E1200 Series

2. Hemisphere® SeMSy® Interface Module (SIM)

The Hemisphere® SeMSy® Interface Module provides an interface to external devices in a SeMSy® video management system. The module receives data from external devices (e. g. POS, access control, dealing shoe) via Ethernet and stores them in the integrated database. The received data can be processed and forwarded to various systems to trigger an action.

In comparison to the Hemisphere® Data Interface Module, the Hemisphere® SeMSy® Interface Module does not support Active Elements for devices. But it can display text on video images to provide more information for the operator (e. g. price of a beverage being sold at Point of Sale (POS)).

The Dallmeier Hemisphere® SeMSy® Interface Module supports, among others:

Point of Sale (POS)

  • Agilysys InfoGenesis
  • Micros 9700 / Simphony
  • Shiji POS System

Note Counter

  • Glory
  • Giesecke & Devrient

Slot Machine

  • Bally ACSC
  • IGT ADI / ABS / Advantage

RFID Reader

  • GPI CIS (2.x / Magellan Technology)
  • GPI CIS (3.x / SMART Technology)

Dealing Shoe

  • on request

Access Control

  • Cardax FT
  • CEM
  • DSX Eventcast
  • Lenel OnGuard
  • Maxxess Axxes / eFusion

The development of customised interfaces is possible upon request.

Other Integrations

Computerless IP video playback with EIZO IP decoder solutions

Operators of Dallmeier cameras can use the IP decoder monitor DuraVision FDF2711W-IP as well as the IP decoder box DuraVision DX0211-IP from EIZO for workplaces that have no further video management requirements. The systems from EIZO support all Dallmeier single-sensor cameras.

  • Simple delivery of video images / splits without a Video Management System (VMS)
  • Areas of application: passenger handling at airports, public transport, gate systems, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.
  • Saves costs and effort if no full VMS is required