Support Request

Because we require further information on the device, we recommend that you submit the enquiry online via the Dallmeier Ticket System – so that we can help you in the fastest way possible.

Contact Person:
Xaver Vögerl, Technical Support Manager

Repair (RMA)

RMA number
Dallmeier products are manufactured in accordance with strict quality guidelines and stand out due to their reliability and durability. However, should the repair of individual components be necessary, this will be processed within a few days. In order to create an understandable and problem-free procedure, we ask you to bear the following points in mind.

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Operation – Service Area

Request an RMA number
If you are not registered in our RMA system, please contact our support team to request an RMA number:Link to ticket system

Operation – RMA


B2B Return option for electrical appliances

According to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) in Germany, every manufacturer is obliged to provide a reasonable possibility to take back old electrical equipment from users other than private households.

We take our responsibility seriously and offer a recycling process for our B2B products. For Dallmeier electrical appliances that you use commercially or in public facilities, we have created a convenient take-back option for you. The professional and environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of your appliances is carried out by certified partners.

We bear the costs for the treatment, recycling and recovery of electrical appliances produced or sold by Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG.

The costs for transport to our company headquarters in Regenburg are to be borne by the customer. Freight collect shipments will not be accepted.

If you wish to properly dispose of an electrical appliance purchased from Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG, you have the option of commissioning a transport company of your choice or a suitable parcel service with the shipment of the old electrical appliances.

If you already have access data to our RMA service, please apply for an RMA with the note "disposal". You will receive an RMA number from us and the exact address to which you can return the old appliances. If you do not yet have access to our RMA service, please inform your sales partner or contact us at RMA@

You will then receive an RMA number by e-mail, which is necessary for processing. Please print out this file and attach the printout to the goods so that it is clearly visible.

We expressly point out that you yourself are responsible for deleting all personal data on the devices to be disposed of.

Warranty, service and spare parts

Dallmeier‘s commitment to the quality and stability of its video surveillance products is reflected by the long warranty periods: Dallmeier recording systems are shipped with a 2 year warranty. During this time you are entitled to make use of warranty repairs. Additionally, most of the spare parts are also available during that period.

1) During the warranty period: warranty pre-exchange
Should any problems occur during the warranty period, you can request a so-called “warranty pre-exchange”. This means that the recording system does not have to be returned to Dallmeier, but you will receive spare parts for defective components straight away – with trained installers taking care of the installation work. Generally every installer has a reasonable stock of spare parts, which means that the parts are available immediately and the replacement work can be carried out quickly.

2) After the warranty period: Individual repair offer
Even after the warranty has expired, Dallmeier will not leave you alone if problems should occur. Simply request an individual offer for the repair of the defective device via the usual channels, e.g. RMA procedure, support or your sales contact. After the exchange of the defective components, you will receive a so to speak "completely new" device with a warranty of 12 months on the exchanged parts.

3) Spare parts
Our advice to installers: Benefit from the sale of spare parts!

All components are individually available. Benefit from the advantages you get!

If you dispose of the necessary spare parts, you can carry out upgrades or short-term warranty repairs on site yourself (after suitable training). You will have all the replacements you need with you on your first visit at the customer – a second visit will no longer be necessary. This will save time and money and the customer receives fast and professional support.

You will also be able to carry out repairs outside of the recorder’s warranty period yourself. Throughout the year Dallmeier offers training for specialist firms as well as specific training programmes for service technicians. 

Tips & hints to service and maintenance
If you want to learn more about the optimal use of replacement components or have questions regarding service and maintenance of Dallmeier CCTV / IP products, please contact us! The Dallmeier Service department always has valuable advice for you!


Here you can have customisations and reparations carried out promptly and smoothly

This form will be required when a request for adaption of DNI protocol (Dallmeier Network Interface) is made:

Modified_Data_Protocol.doc (56 KB) (20 KB)

Camera steering
This form will be required when a request for adaption of camera steering protocol is made

Camera_steering.doc (55 KB) (20 KB)

Router Data
Hint: Please fill in this form when ordering the service router configuration

Router-Data-Registration.doc (142 KB) (68 KB)



The certificate “DGUV Test” guarantees a high-quality standard of digital recording systems for the use in banks and financial institutions.

Download PDF

ISO 9001 Quality Management

The DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 focuses particularly on customer satisfaction and process management as well as continuous improvement.

Download PDF

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

The international environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 establishes worldwide accepted requirements for Environmental Management. To deal responsibly with resources and the efficient use of energy and raw materials, minimisation of waste and prevention of risks is what defines this standard.

Download PDF

ISO 50001 Energy Management

The globally recognised DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 creates a standard to support companys to build a methodical energy management to improve their energy related performance (e.g. energy efficiency).

Download PDF

ISO 45001

DIN ISO 45001:2018 Management systems for safety and health at work (SGA)

  • Providing safe and healthy workplaces 
  • Prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses of workers
  • Consider and deal with SGA risks and SGA opportunities
  • Continuously improve SGA performance

Download PDF

DIN EN 50130-4

The DIN EN 50130-4 has existed since 1995 and belongs to the EMC product family standard  (electromagnetic compatibility) for alarm systems, which includes closed circuit television for security use.

Sparkassen certificate

Dallmeier recorders are ideal for use at Sparkassen branches – this was once again communicated to the Regensburg-based manufacturer by Finanz Informatik.

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The Smavia Viewing Client Software by Dallmeier has been certified by Fiducia, making it ideally suited for use in banks.

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Authorised Economic Operator

Dallmeier received the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification and as such is recognised as a company with certificated “AEO-F, customs simplifications/security and safety” status.

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Drive Whitelist

Drives that have been positively tested in conjunction with Dallmeier recording systems
Drives are a key component of all digital recording systems. They are used for the continuous storage of audio and video data and are usually in uninterrupted operation (24/7). Due to this continuous load, the used hard drives must meet the highest quality standards.

Dallmeier only uses drives of established manufacturers. Each model is extensively tested and only released for installation in Dallmeier recording systems after a positive outcome.

Find here a listing of positively tested hard disk drives, that are approved for mounting or replacement in Dallmeier recording systems. Note that due to possible changes of the manufacturer within a series (components, firmware) no general warranty for complete compatibility can be given.