Big Brother? Not with Dallmeier.

Video security systems must comply with the country-specific and other national data protection regulations, such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Products and solutions from Dallmeier have the highest level of technical precautions with which customers can implement video security solutions that comply with data protection regulations.

Below you will find information material on the Dallmeier solution approach and the latest official documents of the data protection authorities, such the guidelines on processing of personal data through video devices.


GDPR Video Surveillance Guidelines

GDPR Quick Guide


Is Your Camera Phoning Home?

The ever-increasing demands on data protection and data security place a great responsibility on customers: they must ensure that their data is secured internally and externally against unauthorised access, manipulation and loss. In addition, the video systems must also be seamlessly integrated into the company’s cybersecurity strategy so that they cannot be exploited via a gateway.

Below you find information material on the Dallmeier solution approach as well as practical assistance in implementing a cybersecure video security solution.

Video + Data Security

Video Extra

Best Practice Guide

Further Information

Dallmeier Security Advisories

Dallmeier Cybersecurity Tools

Dallmeier Device Manager

  • TLS encryption: Providing all the necessary tools to encrypt device connections in a video network using the TLS protocol
  • Configuration of further security settings

Security for CRITIS

New Laws regarding Network and Information Security (NIS)

The EU has tightened security requirements for CRITIS companies with the European NIS-1 and NIS-2 directives. In many cases, this also includes manufacturers and upstream suppliers.

Video security solutions and products from Dallmeier have the highest level of technical precautions and functions to meet the strict requirements.

NDAA Compliance

NDAA Statement & Sourcing Policy

Dallmeier video technology stands for highest quality and cyber security “Made in Germany”. We were and are aware of the risks of globalization and geopolitics and always apply our own high quality and security standards to our entire supply chain during development.