High definition PTZ network camera

DDZ5530DN Series
DDZ5530DN Indoor IM (Isometric Bottom View)
DDZ5530DN Indoor IM (Front View)
DDZ5530DN Indoor SM (Front View)
DDZ5530DN Indoor SM (Isometric Bottom View)
DDZ5530DN Mountera® Outdoor (Front View)
DDZ5530DN Mountera® Outdoor (Oblique Bottom View w/ Bracket)


  • 5 MP Resolution
  • 30× optical zoom with autofocus
  • Mountera® outdoor variant with integrated heater

The cameras of the DDZ5530DN series are high-speed PTZ network cameras with 30× optical zoom.

They are equipped with a high-performance pan/tilt/zoom mechanism and provide real-time high-definition video with up to 60 fps at a resolution of up to 5 MP. The most advanced sensor and encoder technology and the sophisticated image processing provide recordings with excellent contrast, brilliant clarity as well as highest detail resolution and color fidelity.

Domera® OS
The cameras are equipped with the hardened Linux operating system Domera® OS. In addition to a kernel with long-term support, it offers extensive security functions such as the deactivation of unused ports or the enforcement of strict passwords. In addition, Domera® OS supports secure network authentication (IEEE 802.1X) and encrypted data transmission (TLS 1.2/AES-256). All software components are subject to permanent monitoring, maintenance and updating, while the effectiveness of all measures is ensured by regular external penetration tests.

PTZ home position EdgeAnalytics
In the PTZ home position, the camera optionally supports the use of the EdgeAnalytics Essential Apps (AI Motion Detection, AI Tamper Detection, AI Loitering Detection, AI Intrusion Detection, AI Line Crossing) based on Deep AI object classification using intensively trained neural networks. In the home position, the Essential Apps offer the complete range of functions already integrated in the 6000 camera series and deliver precise results for triggering actions with the integrated Domera® event management, even under difficult conditions (backgrounds with green areas, water surfaces, etc.).

Event-controlled recording
Dallmeier recording systems usually record the video stream of PTZ cameras permanently. If the EdgeAnalytics Essential Apps are used in the PTZ home position, it is possible to switch to event-controlled recording. In this case, when leaving the home position, the entire camera pan is recorded as well as every object detected in the new position.

Wide Dynamic Range
The camera offers a WDR function (also known as High Dynamic Range (HDR)) for optimal recording of scenes with very bright and dark areas. The resulting video stream offers much more detail in both light and dark areas.

The camera is equipped with a RAM memory that is used by the EdgeStorage function to store the video stream in case of a network failure (e.g. Spanning Tree, Bursts). When the network is restored, the SmartBackfill function ensures fast transmission to the Dallmeier recording system. This stores the video stream with high speed and then continues to record the live stream seamlessly.

The dome cameras of the DDZ5530DN series are offered in an in-ceiling or surface mount housing for indoor use. Additionally, a robust variant for outdoor use with heating is available that is compatible with all wall and ceiling mounts of the Mountera® Quick-Lock system. All models can be supplied conventionally with an external power supply unit or conveniently Power over Ethernet (PoE+).

Further Features

  • High-speed pan/tilt/zoom mechanism
  • 30× optical zoom with autofocus
  • Digital image stabilization (EIS)
  • Memory expansion with SD card
  • Video compression H.264, H.265, MJPEG
  • 128 programmable preset positions
  • GDPR-compliant functions for data protection and security
  • Mountera® outdoor variant with integrated heater
  • Compatible with ONVIF Profile S and Profile T
  • Network protocol MQTT supported

Accessories for Outdoor Variant

Power Supply Box for Mountera HousingMountera® Box with PSU
Mountera® Box with power supply unit, 48 V DC, 5.4 A, 260 W, IP69, white
Wall Bracket for Mountera HousingMountera® Wall Bracket
Mountera® bracket for the installation of camera systems on walls or on a Mountera® Box, Quick-Lock System included, robust aluminium construction, internal cable routing, vandal-resistant, powder-coated, white
Ceiling Bracket for Mountera HousingMountera® Ceiling Bracket
Mountera® bracket for installation of camera systems on ceilings, Quick-Lock System included, robust aluminium construction, internal cable routing, vandal-resistant, powder-coated, height 150 mm, white