The Video Management Software: SeMSy® Compact

Finding relevant events in the shortest possible time – this is what most video surveillance scenarios are about. Therefore, in addition to good analysis functions, security managers need above all a powerful tool to obtain results efficiently from the metadata generated.

The video management system “SeMSy® Compact” from Dallmeier comes with a completely revised “SmartFinder” functionality that offers “comfort search” with a whole range of functions.

SeMSy® Compact is particularly designed for surveillance managers in small to medium-sized organisations.

Comfort Search
Quickly find relevant sequences

Of motionless objects as well

Count values, events, and objects

For analysis data

Quickly find what is important.

Quickly find what is important.

Only if surveillance managers can quickly find relevant sequences, can they successfully contribute to the investigation of criminal offences, verify events, or perform efficient claims management.

Modern video technology offers a wide range of possibilities for analysing video images and automatically detecting suspicious or relevant events. Whether classic Video Content Analysis (VCA) messages, standardised neural networks, or customised AI analysis:

The video management system “SeMSy® Compact” from Dallmeier is the successor to the proven “SMAVIA Viewing Client” and, together with Dallmeier cameras and recording systems, offers a whole range of innovative assistance systems to use this data as effectively as possible.

Quick. Simple. Effective.


Search with thumbnails and timeline flags

By counts, events, and objects

From any data source: classic in-camera VCA to AI analysis to dedicated AI servers


For focused attention guidance during live observation and evaluation

Automatic detection of areas with movement

Display in detail splits with continuous adjustment of the zoom

AI Pixelation, Dashboard

True data protection through pixelation of even motionless persons

Dashboard function for quick situation assessment due to charts of the analysis data


“Comfort Search” with SmartFinder

The advanced SmartFinder function displays search results with preview images and allows filtering based on available analysis criteria such as AI object groups, counting results and others.


Targeted Attention Control

The optional SeMSy® Compact AutoTracking function allows the detection of image areas with moving persons or objects. These areas are displayed optimally zoomed in a detail split and ensure a targeted attention control during the evaluation.

AI Pixelation

Pixelation of Moving and Still Objects with AI

The optional SeMSy® Compact AI Pixelation function allows the pixelation of moving and non-moving objects such as persons or vehicles. Pixelation can be performed both in live images and recordings and can be activated for defined user groups.

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AI Pixelation

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