Software Platform for Security and Business

Flexible solution design through platform approach.

With “Hemisphere®”, customers from a wide variety of industries can select exactly the modules they need for their application from a “building block” of video management, data management and front-end applications and put them together individually. Together with the Dallmeier camera and recording systems, you can put together precisely targeted and cost-optimised solutions for your industry.

The modules are organised in solution suites and can be combined with each other as required, as they are all based on the same backbone server system.


Modular System – which application meets your requirements?

  • Video and Alarm Management: The modular Hemisphere® SeMSy® VMS system serves solution scenarios for all sizes of organisations
  • Incident Management and “Situational Awareness”: Emergency personnel all over the world rely on Dallmeier solutions for the digital recording, processing and forwarding of incidents.
  • “DSIM”: The portfolio of Dallmeier “DSIM” modules ranges from data management in logistics systems to “Physical Security Information Management” (PSIM).
  • “Analytics”: Display, process and correlate traditional or AI-based captured data for a variety of reports and BI applications.
Video ManagementCustomisedInterfaceModule+InterfaceModule +AlarmModule +ArchiveServerSoftware+RecordingFailoverModule+Main FailoverModule+Main ServerSoftware+Setup ServerSoftware+
Data ManagementCustomisedInterfaceModule+BackboneFailoverModule+LogisticsInboxModule+TrafficEnforcementModule+ANPRModule+VideoStreamingModule+PeopleCountingModule+BusinessIntelligenceChartingModule+Advanced IncidentManagementModule+Data InterfaceModule+
FrontendMonitorwallApplication+NotificationViewerApplication+Video & ImageViewerApplication+LogbookApplication+BackupApplication+MapApplication+AlarmInboxApplication+EventInboxApplication+ContraventionsProcess+InterfaceClient Process+PeopleTracking Process+InvestigationsProcess+MaintenanceTicket Process+MessengerProcess+DashboardProcess+SurveillanceProcess+
GeoServiceModule+MediaStorageModule+AdvancedAuthenticationModuleEnterpriseAlarmProcessingModule+EnterpriseEventProcessingModuleHEMISPHERE® BACKBONE

VMS for Enterprises: Video, Alarms, Data, Interfaces

Hemisphere® SeMSy®. Beyond VMS.

The Hemisphere® SeMSy® video and alarm management system is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market for video management systems (VMS). 

The application portfolio goes far beyond classic video management tasks and offers the comprehensive integration of third-party systems via various interfaces and industry modules

Users choose from a wide range of applications and processes and thus receive exactly the functions that are relevant for their application.


  • Comprehensive alarm and video management features
  • Integration of VCA- and AI-based analysis functions
  • Highest operator efficiency due to state-of-the-art operating system
  • Optimal use of the Panomera® benefits
  • Intuitive and highly efficient user guidance
  • Integration of 3rd party systems (Fire Alarm System, Acess Control, Facial Recognition, etc.)
  • Map with “Active Objects”

Incident Management

Challenge accepted. And solved.

Emergency personnel and control centers need systems with which they can automate and optimise manual processes. The Dallmeier solutions are particularly helpful in the recording, processing and resolution of incidents as well as in the post-processing of incidents.

This includes, for example, incident management in the “Investigation Process” (digital incident file) or in the “Traffic Contravention” Process, the “Dispatch” management of emergency forces or the digital preparation of evidence. 


  • Comprehensive Situational Awareness Management
  • Situation assessment and solution through intelligent alarm and incident management
  • “Investigations process” – digital incident file
  • “Traffic Contravention Process” – Monitoring of traffic offences
  • Dispatch management of emergency forces

Data and Security Information Management

Flexible solution design through platform approach.

A “core competence” of the Dallmeier Hemisphere® system are interfaces to third-party systems and the integration and correlation of data. With the “Hemisphere®” modules our customers realise individual solutions.

From the “Physical Security Information System (PSIM)”, i.e. classic property and security management, to gate control, ERP integration or positioning systems in the logistics sector, to process optimisation and integration of property management data in football stadiums.


  • Integration of third-party systems (access control, fire alarm system, burglar alarm system, data captured by video, etc.)
  • Modular structure: “Only pay for what you really need”.
  • From industry-specific individual solutions to the deployment of comprehensive PSIM systems
  • Correlation and processing of data for industry-specific solutions
  • Latest open interfaces (e.g. RESTful, OPC, BACnet, KNX/EIB, Modbus, etc.
  • Numerous manufacturer-specific interfaces
  • Active Objects Maps

Further Information

Brochure: Hemisphere® Software Platform