Press Release 22 June 2022

Press Release 22 June 2022

Leading video security technology for Italian stadiums

Dallmeier Italia is “Official Supplier” for Lega Pro

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Reggio Emilia (Italy), 22 June 2022 – Dallmeier Italia, the Italian subsidiary of the German video technology manufacturer Dallmeier, will sponsor the “Lega Pro” football association in the 2022/2023 football season. This will ensure that a total of 60 clubs in Serie C – the third-highest league in professional Italian football – will benefit from easier access to the leading video security equipment for stadiums.

Allianz Stadium Juventus FC Turin, Diego Armando Maradona Stadium Neapel, Gewiss Stadium Atalanta Bergamo or Venezia FC are just four of over 150 clubs worldwide that rely on Dallmeier video security systems “Made in Germany”. Now, through the cooperation between Lega Pro and Dallmeier, the clubs in Serie C will also have simplified access to the solutions offered by the German manufacturer.

See everything, even in the last corner
The core components of Dallmeier stadium solutions are the patented Panomera® multifocal sensor cameras. With these, stadium operators receive high-resolution, smooth video recordings (30 fps) of large spatial contexts, such as grandstands, approach paths or parking areas. The result: A unique situational awareness for security personnel, and recordings that are usable in court if pyrotechnic incidents or other punishable offences occur, for example. Decision makers are pleased with the low total costs of ownership (TCO) of Dallmeier systems as they need only a minimum number of cameras and infrastructure such as masts, cables, and networking elements. Additionally, the manufacturer offers 4K cameras, recording, analysis, and software solutions, with which users can integrate and manage various security applications such as access control (e.g., from Skidata) or intrusion alarm systems.

From risk analysis to support
“The cooperation between Dallmeier Italia and Lega Pro enables small Italian football clubs to have access to cost-efficient video security technology. This not only applies to the technological advantages of the Dallmeier solutions, but also encompasses customised project services”, explains Daniele Sisinio, Dallmeier Italia Director. “These include risk analysis, efficient planning of video systems, commissioning, and support. Moreover, the clubs can choose whether they want to work with an existing integrator or with a system integrator certified by us.”

For further information, clubs can contact Lega Pro or Dallmeier Italia directly:

Dallmeier Italia Srl
Via Bruno Barilli, 5/C
42124 Reggio Emilia

Mr Daniele Sisinio
tel.: +39 522 232465
fax: +39 522 276010
e-mail: daniele.sisinio@

About Dallmeier

Dallmeier is the only manufacturer of video security technology that develops and manufactures all components in Germany. This includes the entire product range, from cameras to picture storage and transmission to intelligent video analysis and even individually adjusted management software. Quality made by Dallmeier, made in Germany!

Dallmeier has at its disposal more than 35 years of experience in transmission, recording as well as picture processing technology and is a leading pioneer of CCTV/IP solutions worldwide. This profound knowledge is used in the development of intelligent software and high-quality recorder and camera technologies enabling Dallmeier to not only offer stand-alone systems, but complete network solutions up to large-scale projects with perfectly integrated component. Right from the beginning the company always focused on own innovative developments and highest quality and reliability.

Over the years, Dallmeier has repeatedly given fresh impetus to the market with new developments and extraordinary innovations. The world’s first DVR for example, which introduced digital recording to the entire CCTV industry more than 25 years ago, came from Dallmeier. The introduction of the patented multifocal sensor system Panomera® has had a similarly ground-breaking effect, ushering in a new era for the industry. This unique camera technology is revolutionising the market and opening up completely new possibilities for securing assets, optimising business operations and ensuring public safety. This and the extensive experience in the CCTV and IP field have led to a top position in the international market for digital video surveillance systems.

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