New FIFA stadium guidelines – what does that mean for video technology?

In recent years, we have seen an increase in security measures in stadiums and sports arenas. FIFA has published new guidelines that emphasise the importance of stadiums having advanced video security systems that can

  • coherently monitor large areas of the stadium and
  • zoom in on past events to help solve incidents.

“The most advanced CCTV systems can monitor large, defined areas of the stadium bowl and facilitate retrospective zoom-ins which can be valuable when investigating incidents and identifying those involved.”

Extract from the FIFA Stadium Guidelines – Section 5.4 "Safety and Security".

This is where Dallmeier’s Panomera® cameras come into play. These advanced camera systems use a unique, patented technology to monitor large areas with high resolution without loss of detail: the so-called multifocal sensor technology. With this technology, stadium security can react quickly to incidents and monitor vulnerable areas in real time by combining maximum overview with the highest detail resolution – both in live surveillance and in replay.

Easy to use
A major advantage of Panomera® cameras is that they are easy to use, enabling security staff to monitor football stadiums and arenas effectively. They can be operated by a minimum number of operators – often only one person in small stadiums. The user-friendly interface allows operators to quickly switch between different camera positions and viewing angles. As a result, security can respond to incidents in the stadium with maximum accuracy and speed.


Low total cost of ownership
The great advantage of Panomera® technology is, almost paradoxically, that it offers greater objective security, but at a lower total cost of ownership for stadium video surveillance. Traditional video security systems require a large number of cameras to achieve similar coverage to Panomera®. This can be very costly as, in addition to the cost of the cameras themselves, cabling, networking equipment and storage account for a large proportion of the total cost of ownership. With Panomera®, however, stadium operators and event organisers can minimise the number of cameras required, significantly reducing the cost of the overall surveillance infrastructure.

Identifying offenders  even in the “farthest corner”
Panomera® technology also provides a better overview of all fans in the stadium and effective monitoring of high-risk areas such as the entrance area, the visitor blocks of “Ultra”-fans and the perimeter of the stadium. The cameras offer high resolution and a clear view of every detail – in exactly the resolution that is required by the stadium operators or authorities. As a result, organisers and security can quickly see if anything untoward is happening and take immediate action.

In use worldwide
In summary, Dallmeier’s Panomera® multifocal sensor systems are an ideal solution for stadium operators and event organisers who require effective optical coverage of large areas.

Dallmeier multifocal sensor technology is used in

  • 70% of all Premier League stadiums
  • 50% of all 1st and 2nd Bundesliga stadiums
  • Including stadiums such as Juventus' Allianz Stadium and SSC Napoli’s Diego Armando Madona Stadium and many more

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