Expert tip: software updates made easy

Installers and customers tell us that it is often time-consuming to install software updates for cameras and recording devices – especially in heterogeneous system environments. As a result, end users are often delayed in benefiting from important performance and stability improvements for their video systems. Dallmeier Device Manager solves this problem.

“Dallmeier Device Manager“ Automatically Detects Devices and Saves Time
Users of Dallmeier single sensor cameras, Panomera® multifocal sensor systems and recording systems can conveniently manage their devices using the free “Dallmeier Device Manager“ management tool. The software automatically recognises Dallmeier devices in the network, displays them in an overview and simplifies management. The convenient group management feature allows devices with identical software versions to be updated at the same time, for example.

Good to know: Each software update is accompanied by a technical information that explains all security and feature improvements in a user-friendly way.

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