Video security technology “Made in Europe“: economical efficient and ethically responsible Interview with Christian Linthaler, Director Sales national / international, Dallmeier

The German video technology manufacturer Dallmeier was recently awarded with Austria’s “Sport Leading Company“ seal of approval. In this interview, Christian Linthaler, Sales Director national & international at Dallmeier, reports on why more and more companies are relying on the manufacturer’s solutions and the importance of economic efficiency and ethical responsibility in investment decisions.

Mr Linthaler, first of all, congratulations once again to Dallmeier for being certified as a “Sport Leading Company“!

Thank you very much, Mr Pichler. We are very pleased to be certified with this important Austrian seal of quality. As a European manufacturer of video information systems, this confirms us in our corporate philosophy “Making things easier“ – For our customers, this means that they can not only overcome their challenges more easily with our solutions, but also have a clear conscience when they choose Dallmeier as their partner.

Can you explain this a little further for our readers?

For many operators of sports facilities, the cost-effectiveness of their video solution is the most important aspect, in other words: high benefit, low cost. Large sports facilities, such as the Merkur Arena in Graz, can capture up to 10,000 seats with a single patented multifocal sensor camera – in image quality “recognition“ according to international standards. But even small sports facilities, such as the CityWave Austria in Vienna, benefit from our GDPR-compliant video systems, which usually pay for themselves after a short time.

And what about ethical aspects?

We know from many discussions with our customers that topics such as data protection, cybersecurity and ethical responsibility are becoming increasingly important. Fans, for example, expect the video security systems used in sports venues to protect their personal rights. Similarly, more and more companies are becoming sensitive, as is the public, to products that are used to commit human rights violations elsewhere – as is happening with the Uyghurs in China, for example. Here, an investment in the “wrong“ products can quickly turn out to be an economic dead end or a negative boomerang in terms of publicity – quite apart from one’s own ethical responsibility.

As an owner-managed family business, Dallmeier, on the other hand, has stood for innovative video solutions “Made in Germany“ for over 35 years. The combination of high vertical integration, economic and political independence and a strong DACH home market ensures that our solutions are in line with the legal standards and ethical values of the European Union. Our references, not least in the sensitive “Safe City“ sector, where over 25 cities in Germany alone use our solutions, impressively underline this.

Mr Linthaler, thank you very much for the interesting interview.

>The foregoing article first published in: Sport Business Magazin 4/2021