Over 150 stadiums around the world have chosen the market leader Many challenges – one total video solution

With more than 150 stadiums worldwide and over 35 years of experience, the German manufacturer Dallmeier electronic ranks as a market leader for video security systems in the arena sector. For these projects, the company relies on its patented “Panomera®“ technology, which is designed especially for deployment in stadiums. Dallmeier also offers its customers total concepts that combine camera technology, software and interfaces that optimise stadium workflows – even in difficult times.

20,000 seats in view and a firm grip on costs

In stadiums, the same rule applies as in all public areas: Ensuring holistic safety is paramount. Incidents such as throwing objects or hooliganism on the grandstand are not compatible with this principle and must be captured and prevented with maximum efficiency. For the safety of everyone involved, the financial aspect is also important: fines and lockouts place the budgets of clubs and stadia under pressure. This is where video technology has a critically important part to play.

Common systems, i.e. PTZ or megapixel cameras, reach their limits especially in grandstand surveillance: Either because they do not capture the relevant scene (PTZ) or because the resolution of the individual cameras is not adequate for reliable results that can be used in court (megapixel cameras). The solution is either to implement a very large number of systems – entailing enormously high expenses for operating costs and uncertain results – or to rely on a technology which has been developed specifically to address stadium requirements. The patented multifocal sensor system Panomera® from Dallmeier enables security personnel to capture even the largest areas completely and in an exactly defined minimum resolution. So, one camera system covers a grandstand holding up to 20,000 seats. Then, several operators monitoring a wide variety of operating fields can zoom into different image areas of a single overall view or even play the recording back at the same time.

Effective victim protection – even on the outside

Ensuring the safety of stadium visitors is imperative not only in but also outside the stadium. In view of the seemingly unending crowds of people at entrances and exits, this poses a further significant challenge. Given its capability to provide coverage for even extremely large expanses with a very small number of surveillance cameras – one multifocal sensor system replaces up to 24 individual cameras – the patented Panomera® technology offers security managers the ability to keep an eye on everything that happens even in high traffic areas. If offences occur despite this, the minimum resolution defined precisely for the application field guarantees that the collected image data can be used in court.

From “Smart Feature Search“ to the digital incident dossier

But Dallmeier’s approach is not limited to just capturing image data. Because of their precisely definable resolution, the systems offer a wide variety of analysis functions based on the adaptability of the Hemisphere® software platform. These include for example intrusion detection at “sterile areas“ or “Feature Search” with which individuals can be located and tracked based on certain features. A further function of the Dallmeier software is “Advanced Incident Management“, with which all relevant information to an offence is packed in digital dossiers and so can be transmitted to the competent authorities while the match is still in progress. Consequently, investigating authorities and emergency personnel save immense amounts of time and resources. Moreover, the stored information can be retrieved at any time. Security managers can then use it for example to identify banned visitors easily at the stadium entrance and deal with them as necessary.

Also, in stadium operation, open interfaces with third-party systems such as access controls or fire alarm systems are becoming increasingly important as well. Thus, an immense variety of data and information sources – be they video images, analysis data or information from third-party systems – can be collected and correlated within the Dallmeier platform. With dynamic display options such as “Active Map“ functions or integrated messenger systems, stadium operators have various options for integrating major components as active elements to their stadium management. Dallmeier Hemisphere® thus affords a total overview which far surpasses conventional video security. Particularly in these times of pandemic and hygiene issues, functions such as these assist in the development of solutions for making a visit to the stadium as safe as possible, without additional individual components.

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