Benefits of being an ONVIF member

The Open Network Interface Forum, ONVIF for short, has set itself the goal of creating a global interface standard for network video products. This standard ensures compatibility of devices from various manufacturers within one architecture or installation.

We asked Josua Braun, Marketing Director, Dallmeier, about the benefits of being an ONVIF member.

Josua, could you tell us why Dallmeier has joined ONVIF and how long Dallmeier has been a member?
We have been an ONVIF member since 2010 to ensure interoperability and connectivity of our technical components with other systems in the market. ONVIF helps us in the design and further development of our cameras.

Dallmeier cameras can be used and deployed with Dallmeier software or – for customers with a dedicated “video management system of choice” – can be integrated in numerous leading-edge VMS vendors via ONVIF or deeper integration depending on the VMS vendor.

Dallmeier offers two families of cameras: the Domera® family of single sensor cameras in an innovative, modular approach, covering 90% of all typical video technology requirements with a very limited set of modular components, significantly reducing stock, time to implement and labour for integrators.

The patented Panomera® multifocal sensor cameras combine up to 8 lenses and sensors in one optical unit, allowing users to cover large spatial areas with a fraction of cameras required in conventional solutions, resulting in significant savings in total cost of ownership. At the same time, the system improves security, as both an unlimited number of high-resolution detail views as well as the overall optical context are available both in live and recording.

Which specific profiles do your company's products adhere to and how does this contribute to the overall success of your business?
Our products conform to profiles S, T, M und G. Our customers integrate Dallmeier technology in a variety of technological environments. With the support of the most relevant ONVIF-profiles, our customers can cover all relevant functionality and get the most out of Dallmeier IP cameras, recorders and software. Be it in a stand-alone Dallmeier configuration or a “best of breed” system with software and recording from alternative vendors, or a combination. Especially important of course is the support of all the relevant analytic functionality to improve how customers benefit from the dynamic development in the AIoT space.

Which benefits does the ONVIF membership bring to your business?
ONVIF membership enables us to ensure that our camera systems are compatible with all major solutions on the market, thereby opening our solutions up for important customer groups. By developing in line with ONVIF standards, we also save costs and effort in development work.


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