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Model Overview

Topline and Nightline

The Panomera® lines differ primarily in light sensitivity and frame rate. The models within the individual series differ by the number of sensors they have and thus by their aperture angle and the distance up to which persons can be recognised or identified.

Despite the large variety, it is still easy to choose the most suitable Panomera® model: As soon as the appropriate line has been selected on the basis of illumination, the right Panomera® can quickly be found based on the expanse of the scene and the desired recognition range.

Topline, with a light sensitivity of 0.01 lux and a frame rate of 30 fps is
an "all-round talent" for good to moderate illumination.

Nightline, with a light sensitivity of 0.002 lux and a frame rate of 30 fps,
is ideal even for night-time applications. Thus any situation at all can be
mastered brilliantly, including those where lighting is poor.