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VMC-2 Video Management Center

Main Features

  • Control of the SeMSy® III video management system
  • Composed of VMC Joystick, VMC Touch and VMC Jog-Shuttle
  • Also usable as stand-alone devices

The Video Management Center VMC-2 is designed for the control of the SeMSy® III video management system over a
SeMSy® III Workstation.

The VMC-2 is made up of the components VMC Joystick, VMC Touch and VMC Jog-Shuttle in a modular and very flexible way. The individual components are freely positionable and thus ideally suited for both left- and right-handed operators. Moreover, it is possible to use the components independently as stand-alone devices.

VMC Joystick
By using the joystick, the security operator is able to control movable cameras conveniently. Pan, tilt and zoom movements can be carried out intuitively. With just a single click on the joystick button, the camera automatically moves back to its home position. If the mode is switched, the joystick can also be used as a mouse, which allows an easy menu control.

VMC Touch
The touch screen extends a workstation by a simple and convenient multi-touch control of the functions displayed on the monitor. The intuitive user interface allows the security operator to activate live streams in any viewer of the workstation and to control PTZ cameras precisely. The control of the playback of recordings is fully supported as well as the definition and initiation of backups. In addition, an enhanced snapshot function can be used for individual marks and comments directly in the image.

VMC Jog-Shuttle
The jog-shuttle is ideally suited to find certain frames in a video sequence quickly. By rotating the central jog-dial, the security operator can conveniently move through individual frames. Using the shuttle-ring surrounding the jog-shuttle, the scenes can subsequently be replayed forward or backward at different speeds.

  • Compatible with SeMSy® III systems
  • Joystick for the intuitive control of PTZ dome cameras
  • Touch screen for easy operation of SeMSy® Maps
  • Touch screen for easy operation of playback functions
  • Jog-shuttle for detailed evaluation of video sequences
  • Smooth, low-maintenance surface
  • Ergonomic operation due to intelligent design
  • Flexible positioning of the individual components
  • Components can also be used as stand-alone devices
  • DIN EN 50130-4 compliant
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