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VMC Joystick

Main Features

  • USB input device
  • Microsoft* Windows* operating system
  • SMAVIA Viewing Client
  • SeMSy® Workstation

The VMC Joystick is a USB input device for systems with Microsoft* Windows* operating system. After connection, it is installed automatically with the standard driver already integrated in the operating system and facilitates the control of any applications.

In combination with SMAVIA Viewing Client or a SeMSy® Workstation, the VMC Joystick can be used for autonomous selection and display of the cameras of a recording system, independently of mouse or keyboard. The main function of the intuitive control of PTZ dome cameras can also be rounded off by freely configurable function keys for aperture, focus or zoom.

With its sophisticated ergonomics and high-quality optics, the VMC Joystick allows efficient and relaxed working.

  • Suitable for Microsoft* Windows* 7/8/10 systems
  • Automatic installation with standard driver
  • Control of any applications
  • Intuitive PTZ camera control
  • Compatible with SMAVIA Viewing Client
  • Compatible with SeMSy® Video Management systems
  • User-friendly 3-axis mechanism
  • Pan, tilt, zoom with variable speed
  • Supported protocols DCCP, Pelco D, Pelco
  • Smooth and low-maintenance surface
  • Ergonomic operation due to intelligent design
  • Versatile use due to high-quality optics
  • DIN EN 50130-4 compliant