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DMVC 2 Server

Main Features

  • Server software for DMVC App
  • Connection of a local network
  • Access over 3G / UMTS or WiFi
  • Virtual recording systems
  • Client whitelist safety function
  • Integrated camera management
  • Integrated user management

DMVC 2 is a server software for the connection of Dallmeier recording systems to the Internet. With DMVC 2, the entire local video network can be accessed via a common external IP address. All live images and recordings can be accessed via the mobile network or WiFi using the DMVC 2 App smartphone application. Special transcoding optimizes the video data for display on the mobile device while simultaneously ensuring a high frame rate.

The Dallmeier Mobile Video Center app is available free of charge in the iTunes App Store oder on Google Play.

The DMVC 2 server software can be installed and operated on an office PC with current standard hardware. The integrated graphical user interface allows quick and easy configuration. In addition to user administration, the use of the Client Whitelist function guarantees personalized access to the connected Dallmeier recording systems protected against misuse. Furthermore, the optional camera management allows a combination of various cameras to form virtual recording systems.


  • Licenses for the access of five DMVC 2 Apps included
  • License for the connection of a recording system included
  • Routing function with a common IP address to an external network
  • Integrated user management and client whitelist
  • Optional function for virtual recording systems
  • Suitable for recording systems without PRemote
  • Independent of the recording settings of the appliance
  • Configuration via PService3 as of version 3.5.10

System Requirements

  • Windows* 10 operating system (64 bit)
  • 4-core CPU with 2.33 GHz (or comparable)
  • RAM 8 GB
  • 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interface

Supported Recording Systems

  • Dallmeier SMAVIA Appliances as of version 9.x.x
  • Dallmeier SMAVIA Appliances as of version 8.x.6
  • Dallmeier recording systems as of version 7.x.x

Compatible Applications

  • DMVC 2 App (Android) as of version 2.4.2
  • DMVC 2 App (iOS) as of version 2.2
Manuals (english)
Manuals (german)