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DMVC Server Enterprise

Main Features

  • Unlimited clients & recorders
  • Connection of a local network
  • Access over 3G / UMTS or WiFi
  • Virtual recording systems
  • Client whitelist function
  • Integrated camera management
  • Server software for DMVC App
  • Routing function
  • Integrated user management

DMVC Server Enterprise is a video server software for the connection of a local network consisting of multiple Dallmeier recording systems to the Internet using a joint external IP address. Together with the smartphone application DMVC App, all live images or recordings can be accessed over 3G / UMTS or WiFi without reference to time and place.

The software DMVC Server Enterprise can be installed and operated on an office PC with standard up-to-date hardware. The integrated graphic user interface allows for a fast and easy configuration. Due to the integrated camera management, it is possible to combine various cameras into virtual recording systems. In addtion to the integrated user administration and authorisation/rights management, using the client whitelist function ensures a personalized and abuse-protected access to the connected Dallmeier recording systems.

The number of simultaneously accessing DMVC App Clients is not limited and, therefore, only restricted by the available bandwidth. Similarly, with the according license, the number of connected recorders is unlimited as well, and only restricted by the used hardware.

  • Unlimited simultaneous access of clients
  • Unlimited connection of recorders (depending on license and hardware)
  • Supports HD cameras
  • Only one IP address required due to the routing function
  • Integrated user management and client whitelist
  • Integrated camera management
  • Suitable for Dallmeier recorders without PRemote1)
  • Suitable for Dallmeier recorders as of version 7.1.01)
1) Not suitable for DIS-2/M systems and the Windows version of SMAVIA Recording Server (compatibility in preparation).
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Manuals (german)