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SeMSy® III Variodecoder Software

Video Decoder Software - SeMSy III Variodecoder Software

Main Features

  • Video Decoder Software
  • Decoding and Display
  • Up to 16× HD Channels
  • Frame rate of up to 25/30 fps
  • Wide Range of Multi-Splits

SeMSy® III is a high-performance and future-proof video management system with ultimate user friendliness. It offers a comprehensive range of functions, including the display of live images, various search options within the footage, the control of PTZ cameras and an easy archiving of relevant sequence

SeMSy® III Variodecoder Software is a video decoder which can be controlled by any workstation of the overall SeMSy® III video management system. After having selected the suitable multi-split and relevant cameras/decoders, the Variodecoder software requests the corresponding streams instantly and directly, and displays them on the connected monitor in real time.

  • Decoding and display of up to 16 HD channels in real time1)
    (1080p, 25/30 fps, 6 Mbps and GoP 24/30)
  • Wide range of options for multi-split display
  • Video formats: H.264, MPEG-4 ISO/IEC 14496, MJPEG
  • Audio formats: MPEG-1 Layer2, G722.1
  • SD resolutions: D1, 4CIF, Half D1, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF
  • HD resolutions: 720p, 1080i, 1080p und Megapixel bis zu 8 MP
  • Frame rate of up to 25/30 fps
  • Automatic display of the preceding channels after reboot
  • Compatible with SMAVIA appliances
  • Compatible with DMX recording systems
  • Compatible with DIS-2/M encoders and decoders
  • Compatible with all SeMSy® III workstations
  • Suitable for SeMSy® III Advanced Package
  • Suitable for SeMSy® III Professional Package
  • Suitable for SeMSy® III Enterprise Package
1) Depending on the workstation performance. Details only apply in connection with Workstation Rack-Mount 4 RU (004903) or Workstation Tower (004904).