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SeMSy® III Workstation Software

Workstation Software SeMSy III for video management system SeMSy III

Main Features

  • Workstation Software
  • Control and Evaluation
  • Modular Design
  • Individual Scalable
  • Drag & Drop Operation

SeMSy® III is a high-performance and future-proof video management system with ultimate user friendliness. It offers a comprehensive range of functions, including the display of live images, various search options within the footage, the control of PTZ cameras and an easy archiving of relevant sequences.

The SeMSy® III Workstation Software is the central control and evaluation instrument of the entire SeMSy® III Video Management System. The various functions are designed as modules and allow for an adjustment of the user interface to the individual requirements of a workstation. The basic modules are included in all package variants of the SeMSy® III Workstation Software and offer the possibility of benefiting from the advantages of the SeMSy® III Video Management System at all times.

  • Operation via drag & drop
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Individually adjustable user interface
  • User interface in English and German
    (other languages on request)
  • Storage of adjusted user interfaces
  • Display of alarm messages
  • PTZ control via GUI or optional with VMC-1
  • Evaluation via GUI or optional with VMC-1
  • Diverse search functions including SmartFinder
  • Scalable without limits
  • Integration of third-party systems