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Main Features

  • Free-of-charge viewing software
  • Installable or Portable Version
  • Data Overlays
  • LGC Forensics Compliance

SMAVIA Viewer is a free-of-charge viewing software for the independent evaluation of the backups made by SMAVIA appliances and by Dallmeier recording systems of the 3rd and 4th generation.

Installable or Portable Version
SMAVIA Viewer is offered as an installable version for Windows operating systems and can be downloaded free-of-charge. In addition, SMAVIA Viewer is automatically saved as portable version together with the backup if the footage is exported directly from a recording system to a CD/DVD/USB flash drive. With the identical range of functions, the portable version allows for a direct start without previous installation and without leaving files, settings or registry entries on the PC.

Data Overlays
Displayed information (camera name, time and data of external systems such as cash registers or automatic teller machines) are displayed throughout the evaluation of the backup. Thus, a preservation of the full information content is guaranteed even for later points in time and without reference to Dallmeier systems.

LGC Forensics Compliance
SMAVIA Viewer makes no changes whatsoever to the footage during the evaluation process. The backups of recording systems with a LGC Forensics certificate are still consistent with the requirements for visual material that can be used as evidence in court.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows*10 (64 / 32 Bit) operating system
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32 Bit) operating system
  • Min. QuadCore 2,66 GHz
  • Min. 2 GB RAM DDR3
  • Min. graphics card with 64 MB RAM
  • Min. 200 MB of storage capacity
  • Playback and evaluation of backups
  • Available as installable and portable version
  • Full HDTV with 16:9 display format
  • Extensive search functions
  • Display of data overlays
  • Compatible with SMAVIA Appliances
  • Compatible with recording systems of generation 4
  • Compatible with recording systems of generation 3
  • User interface in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian
Manuals (english)
Manuals (german)
Handouts (english)
    Handouts (german)

      SMAVIA Viewer  is only available as a full installation.
      An older version can be updated by installation into the existing program directory. The existing settings are applied.