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3 RU slide-in module, SMAVIA Recording Server Appliance, DIS-4/M SRS, storage system

Main Features

  • SMAVIA Recording Server Appliance
  • Up to 4 HD channels
  • Open platform
  • 2× 3.5" HDD
  • 3 RU slide-in module

The appliance DIS-4/M SRS has been designed as a compact 3 RU slide-in module for highly available storage systems of larger video installations in stadiums, shopping malls, casinos or convention centres. In conjunction with the pre-installed VideoIP software SMAVIA Recording Server, this appliance is ideally suited for the recording of up to 4 video channels in real time.

SeMSy® III Integration
The appliance is factory fitted with the license SeMSy® Flat. Thus, it is optimally equipped for the integration into the storage system of a SeMSy® III video management system. The appliance supports the complete SeMSy® III functional range including the convenient evaluation of the recordings on a SeMSy® III Workstation.

SMAVIA Viewing Client
The software SMAVIA Viewing Client allows for the independent and convenient evaluation of the recordings over the network. It can be run on workstations with Windows 7/8/10 operating systems and is included in the scope of delivery of the appliance with two access licenses.

DMVC Server

The integrated DMVC Server Software1) permits for the access with the mobile app Dallmeier Mobile Video Center, that is available for iOS or Android operating systems. The display of live images and playback of recordings follow a special procedure which is independent of the recording settings of the appliance.

Open Platform
The pre-installed software SMAVIA Recording Server is designed as an open platform. Together with the according licenses, 3rd-party IP cameras can be recorded with motion detection and configured over the ONVIF protocol2).

Dallmeier network cameras are equipped with a RAM memory that is used by the EdgeStorage function for storing the video stream in case of a network failure. When the network is restored, the SmartBackfill function ensures a fast transmission to the SMAVIA recording system. This stores the video stream with high speed and then continues the recording of the live stream seamlessly.

The appliance DIS-4/M SRS is designed for installation and operation in the 19'' DIS Module Rack 700. The voltage supply is provided by the redundant power supply units of the module rack. For service, the individual modules can be exchanged quickly and easily (hot-plug).

1) Optional license PRemote-HD (004762) required.
2) Please note the white paper SMAVIA & 3rd Party IP Cameras.


  • Performance hardware with multi-core CPU
  • SSD module for operating system and application
  • Suitable for the recording of up to 4 HD video channels
  • Components matches for high storage speed
  • Components optimized for SMAVIA Recording Server
  • Compatible with DIS Module Rack 700
  • Power supply over redundant PSUs of the module rack
  • Highly efficient due to low power consumption

SMAVIA Recording Server

  • Recording of up to 4 HD cameras or Panomera® Channels
  • License for the recording of one channel included
  • License for updating the SMAVIA software for 24 months included
  • License for SEDOR® Camera Sabotage Protection included
  • License for EdgeStorage & SmartBackfill included
  • License for multicast recording and streaming included
  • Recording of third-party IP cameras with motion detection optional1)
  • Configuration of third-party IP cameras via ONVIF protocol optional1)
  • Evaluation with SMAVIA or SeMSy® over the network (WAN/LAN)

1) Please note the white paper SMAVIA & 3rd Party IP Cameras.

HDD 2000 - 12000 GB, SATA, 3.5''
Information on tested and approved hard disk drives can be found in the HDD Whitelist.

    DIS Module Rack
    Module rack (L 700 mm × 3 RU) for the installation of up to
    10× DIS-2/4 modules (variant 700), power supply unit and fan included

    Cover Plate for DIS Module Rack
    Cover plate for unused slots of the DIS Module Rack

      Remote Ethernet I/O Interface
      Ethernet I/O Interface, 2× Ethernet, 6× contact, 6× relay
      (MOXA ioLogik E1214)