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VideoNetBox II

Main Features

  • SMAVIA Recording Server Appliance
  • Up to 8 audio and video channels
  • Panomera® recording
  • VCA Support
  • Compact design
  • 2× 2.5" HDD

The VideoNetBox II is a compact appliance with a processing capacity for up to8 IP video channels. The basic version with 2 IP video channels can be expanded with up to 6 additional video channels using a license code.

The VideoNetBox II is perfectly suited for wall mountings. Its compact and robust design allows for a flexible use. Together with the dedicated software SMAVIA Recording Server, it is the ideal IP security solution e.g. for retail stores, gas stations and private residences.

SMAVIA Viewing Client
The corresponding software SMAVIA Viewing Client allows for the independent and convenient evaluation of the recordings over Ethernet (LAN/WAN). It can be run on devices with a Windows 7/8/10 operating system and is included in the
VNB II’s scope of delivery together with an access license.

DMVC Server
The integrated DMVC Server Software allows for a mobile access with the Dallmeier Mobile Video Center  smartphone application (iOS and Android). The display of live images and playback of recordings follow a special procedure which is independent of the recording settings of the VNB II.

Open Platform
The pre-installed software SMAVIA Recording Server is designed as an open platform. Together with the according licenses, 3rd-party IP cameras with motion detection can be recorded and configured over the ONVIF protocol.

Easy Mounting
The compact, robust and well-proven VideoNetBox enclosure was further optimised for the current version II. After opening the cover on the rear, hard disk drives can be easily installed or exchanged in a few simple steps.

  • Compact server hardware with multi-core CPU
  • Flash memory for operating system
  • Suitable for up to 8 SD, HD or megapixel video channels
  • Analog Upgrade Kit for the hybrid operation with up to 8 channels (analog / SD-IP / HD-IP) optional
  • One local playback of one camera (analog, SD IP or HD IP) optional
  • Multi-split local live display of several cameras (analog, SD IP and HD IP) optional
  • High-speed storage due to fully compatible components
  • Optimised for the easy installation of hard disk drives
  • Numerous mounting options on walls or ceilings
SMAVIA Recording Server
  • Licenses for the recording of 2 HD cameras or Panomera® Channels included
  • Basic license for the access of a SMAVIA Viewing Client included
  • Free conversion of the basic license to a floating license on acquisition of additional access licenses
  • License for updating the SMAVIA software for 12 months included
  • License for SEDOR® camera sabotage protection optional
  • License for PRemote-HD in real time optional
  • License for LocalViewing optional
  • License for ViProxy optional
  • License for the recording of multicast video streams included
  • License for real time recording included
  • EdgeStorage&SmartBackfill supported
  • Network scanning (IP Finder) supported
  • Recording of 3rd-party IP cameras with motion detection optional1)
  • Configuration of 3rd-party IP cameras via ONVIF protocol optional1)
  • BANK Package in compliance with DGUV Test (UVV-Kassen) optional
  • Connection to Active Directory over LDAP
  • Evaluation with SMAVIA Viewing Client or SeMSy® over Ethernet
1) Please note the white paper SMAVIA & 3rd Party IP Cameras.

HDD 1000/2000 GB, SATA, 2.5''
Information on tested and approved hard disk drives can be found in the HDD Whitelist.

    Analog Upgrade Kit (8 Input, 2 Output) for 8 Hybrid Channels
    Encoder board MRB-H264/8 (Plus) for 8 analog video channels with up to 25/30 fps; includes audio IN adapter. Decoder board MDB-H264/2 for 2 analog monitors (2× BNC/CVBS). Without additional licenses, ex factory only.

      Remote Ethernet I/O Interface
      Ethernet I/O Interface, 2× Ethernet, 6× contacts, 6× relays (MOXA ioLogik E1214)

        Keyboard and joystick for the control of PTZ cameras via Dallmeier recording systems

        The update can be executed via network with the PService software or directly at the appliance by using a USB flash drive.

        V8.11.11 -> V8.11.12

        Maintenance License
        Valid license required

        Not required

        Compatible Versions
        SMAVIA Viewing Client - 2.5.11
        SMAVIA Viewer - 2.5.11
        PService -
        SeMSy® III - 1.7.3

        V8.11.10 -> V8.11.11 SP A

        Maintenance License
        Valid license required

        Not required

        Compatible Versions
        SMAVIA Viewing Client - 2.4.18
        SMAVIA Viewer - 2.4.18
        PService - 3.3.9
        Dallmeier Live Video ActiveX -

        V8.11.9 -> V8.11.10 SP B

        Maintenance License
        Valid license required

        Not required

        Compatible Versions
        SMAVIA Viewing Client - 2.3.21
        SMAVIA Viewer - 2.3.21
        PService - 3.3.5
        Dallmeier Live Video ActiveX -

        V8.11.8 -> V8.11.9 SP B

        Maintenance License
        Valid license required

        Not required

        Compatible Versions
        SMAVIA Viewing Client -
        SMAVIA Viewer -
        PService - 3.0.6
        Dallmeier Live Video ActiveX -