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The terms "field" and "frame" are often mixed up.
Field = Half picture
Frame = Full picture

After interlacing, an analogue video image consists of two half pictures. First half picture = even lines, second half picture = uneven lines. In other words: One frame is made up of two fields.

The abbreviation "fps" stands for "Frames per Second" i.e. the number of full pictures that are transmitted per second.

Real-time recording
All audio/video data are processed with a frame rate of 25 fps (PAL) or 30 fps (NTSC) respectively. That frame rate is perceived as a judderfree video stream by the human eye and all movements are displayed clearly. During recording a complete backup of the events is ensured, which is particularly necessary for applications with very fast movements (e.g. manufacture, casinos).

UTC compatible
UTC (up the coax) compatible recorders offer the possibility to configure a Dallmeier camera with the recorder user interface via the video cable, where the configuration menu of the camera is displayed within the live picture. Control buttons, which are integrated in the control panel, allow for an intuitive navigation through the menu.

Recorders with a UTP video input (Unshielded Twisted Pair) can be connected to a camera using a two-wire line. Therefore, existing wiring for picture transmission can be used in many cases.

Bi-directional audio transmission
Recorders that feature bi-directional audio transmission can send audio signals to a receiver and in turn receive its signals. Connecting a speaker and microphone to the recorder allows for the set-up of a cost-efficient intercom system.