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ViProxy - A dedicated network for the video system

ViProxy: A dedicated network for the video system
ViProxy is a licence that provides a video proxy function at the recorder by activating a second Ethernet interface. With this function it is possible to set up a dedicated network for the video system which relieves the intranet and further increases security.

With ViProxy the recorder serves as a proxy server for the video system, which means it acts as a connecting link and communication interface between intranet and video network. A direct access to the cameras of the video network is thus prevented as all queries for live image and playback run via the recorder (= video proxy) on which the relevant access rights can be set.

First Ethernet interface: Standard intranet
The first Ethernet interface at the recorder, Ethernet 1, is the standard interface and always active. It allows the use of a standard gateway for the connection of the device with other networks (e.g. internet).

Second Ethernet interface: Dedicated video network
The second Ethernet interface which is activated with ViProxy is suited for the connection of the device with a second local network. It is possible, for example, to set up a completely separate network dedicated to IP cameras. The video network is now physically detached from the first network. The major advantage of that is that the network load of the “normal” intranet remains unaffected by the video network.

Moreover, the video network is not connected with any other network such as the internet. In this regard ViProxy acts as a firewall that does not allow external access to the video network. The video surveillance system thus fulfils highest security and data protection guidelines.

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