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Main Features

  • Administration of VideoIP systems
  • Variety of integrated tools
  • Network scan
  • Location-independent


  • Panomera® AutoCalibration

PService3 is a powerful application for the convenient configuration and administration of comprehensive Dallmeier VideoIP systems. PService scans the video network for Dallmeier devices, automatically detects them and displays them in an overview. Recording systems and cameras can thus be administered conveniently. The comprehensive functions range from changing of IP addresses and updates of the integrated software to the direct opening of the configuration dialogs.

In connection with the separately installable software tool Panomera® AutoCalibration (available as add-on), PService3 can been extended with a function for the automated calibration of Panomera® multifocal sensor systems. The auto calibration function first captures the master channel and the individual sub-channels of a Panomera® system. Then, the corresponding sensors are optimally adjusted to one another by digital fine-tuning of the image section to achieve a homogeneous and seamless overall image.

Network scan
PService3 scans the VideoIP network for Dallmeier devices and lists them in an overview. If desired, PService3 provides the list with camera previews and filtered according to various criteria.

The independent and easy allocation of the recognised recording systems and cameras to various virtual systems allows for an easy and structured display of the entire VideoIP system.


PService3 enables the execution of updates for all components available in the network. Devices with identical software version can be updated simultaneously.

PService3 saves the structure and data of the defined virtual systems. Not only for a local network but also for independent networks of different objects when installed on a mobile device.

All in one
The variety of integrated tools makes PService3 a central and complete service instrument. PService3 is thus the next step in development and the perfect substitute for the specific and dedicated Dallmeier tools of the past.

  • Compatible with all Dallmeier recording systems as of generation 4
  • Compatible with all Panomera® multifocal sensor systems
  • Compatible with all Dallmeier network cameras
  • Network scan and display of all Dallmeier devices
  • Calibration for Panomera® multifocal sensor systems (add-on required)
  • Preview function for network cameras
  • Independent definition of virtual systems
  • Definition of camera groups in one system
  • Update function for cameras and recording systems
  • Live browser access
  • Configuration with NetConfig3
  • Changing of IP addresses
  • Restart of the devices
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Manuals (german)