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The Dallmeier Encoders/Decoders/Streamers are available in various specifications so that individual requirements are accounted for, ranging from a one-channel solution to large-scale projects with several thousand cameras.

The encoders allow the integration of analogue cameras into a network. Existing analogue infrastructures can therefore quickly and easily be made IP ready.

Furthermore, some devices can also record. Through enabling storage directly at the encoder Dallmeier ensures a high availability of the recording, as it is network-independent and even continues recording in the case of a malfunction or a complete network failure. This storage concept also minimises the demands on the network (bandwidth) since streaming is only carried out when necessary.

Owing to their open system architecture the Dallmeier encoders/decoders/streamers are ideally suited for realising complex installations. Whether used as a stand-alone unit or slide-in units, the encoders/decoders/streamers offer the highest availability and reliability. Their modular design allows the use of the Dallmeier blade technology, which makes it possible to also realise large-scale installations in a space-saving and cost-effective way (form factor).

The encoders/decoders/streamers are the ideal solution for the surveillance of critical areas, which require high image quality and real-time transmission (broadcast quality). Typical areas of application include, for example, casinos, airports, metro networks, city surveillance, production facilities and industrial areas, traffic monitoring or medical uses. Thereby the digital matrix allows for the joint operation of any number of recorders. The digital matrix is designed to enable unlimited expansion of the system. It is also easily possible to join the operation of different sites so that existing locations can be interconnected at a later stage and controlled from one main control room. To this end we are able to cope with configuration levels of more than 10,000 channels!

Good to know

Dallmeier blade technology
Owing to its open system architecture, the Dallmeier blade technology is ideally suited for realising complex systems.

A 19” component rack can house up to 10 individual blades, which allows for the space saving and cost efficient installation of the largest of systems. The modular structure of the system, the HotPlug functionality of the individual blades and the reserve power supply units installed in the component rack, ensures a high availability of the complete solution – in fact 99.99994%. That is more than the famous “Five Nines” which are regarded as the benchmark for high availability in the IT world.

The Dallmeier blade technology is not only extremely reliable but also highly service- and maintenance-friendly. In the case of faults, the defective components can be exchanged per channel. The HotPlug functionality of the blades enables the exchange during operation, thus reducing the downtime to a minimum.  

The system’s modular design keeps it open to new technologies and possibilities, therefore expansions and adjustments are no problem. The Dallmeier blade technology offers you long-term investment protection!